05 Branding Ideas For 2020: New Year Resolution

Branding ideas 2020

Ever wondered how unique branding ideas make your business gain a lion’s share of profit? You probably know well-established brands that are recognized globally for their strong brand reach.

The fact is you cannot win your target audience’s trust by implementing the same branding methods. You need to come up with innovation and find valuable branding ways that will inspire your audience.

In this post, you will know exactly the 05 branding ideas that will help you set a New Year resolution for 2020.

Boost Engagement with Interactive Content 

Interactive content is responsible for holding your audience’s attention. According to the top-tier marketers, the best way to engage your buyer is to provide them value-added content. Gone are the days when static content is used to convey the brand message. However, interactive content is used to accelerate the click-through-rate while helping you know your audience.

Nowadays, interactive content allows your brand to create a mark in the digital world. Thus, you need to actively participate in creating content that boosts audience engagement. Passive content does not enable the audience to build trust in your brand as static content is easily available on one click.

Effective ways of creating interactive content could be Infographics as it is considered being the viral content. Surveys, polls, quizzes, video content, and contests are some of the ways to drive audience engagement. Use interactive content in your branding strategy to boost your brand engagement. Moreover, it also makes your content shareable and ensures you to build a base of loyal followers.

Develop Brand Voice To Get Edge

The digital market is becoming saturated and there is a dire need to differentiate your brand. You have to create your own brand voice that makes you stand strong in the digital world. Decide firmly on the brand message you want to deliver and reflect it through all your branding activities. The goal is to get your brand noticed among the already well-established brands.

For startups, it is a challenge to come up with a unique brand voice. Use marketing channels that resonate with your brand. Above all, decide on your brand personality and make sure to reflect it through all your branding efforts. Be it for your logo, website or social media campaigns. Make sure you craft a brand message that helps you grow your business.

Initiate with asking the right questions to determine your brand voice and to shape your marketing efforts accordingly. You must know the purpose, vision, mission and the value you as brand intent to deliver. Moreover, decide on how you want to position your brand in the audience’s mind. The personality your brand will be reflecting either traditional or progressive.

Consistency in Branding Activities

Being consistent in developing your brand presence digitally enables people to recall your brand. Make use of marketing channels that work best for your audience. Keep updating your business blog with valuable information that makes people feel connected with the brand. Also, it helps you to ensure your audience is aware of your marketing offers.

Create brand guidelines that will allow you to work on a targeted timeline. Cultivate a positive image of your brand by integrating all your internal brand activities. Make sure you keep innovation at its core while being consistent in investing time and efforts in your branding activities.

Set a content calendar that you follow to make people aware of the benefits of your products/services. Also, set a social media plan where you schedule weekly posts to engage your audience.

Moreover, choose the right platforms to market your brand. One effective way is to document your brand activities and make sure you keep it flexible to personalize the marketing efforts.

Custom Logo That Reflects Brand

The importance of logo in branding your startup is widely discussed by marketers. However, only a few are able to create a successful logo that reflects their brand. The design of your logo has the potential to either create a positive brand image in the audience’s mind or to keep their focus away. It all depends on how you instill creativity in your logo and makes it professional and versatile.

Your logo must be unique and reflect your brand image too. Think of well-recognized brand names, for instance, Apple, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Google, etc. You all can relate to their brand logos. Ever wondered why? It is because their logo is influential enough to position the brand in the audience’s mind. Moreover, it helps people recall the brand while connecting emotionally with the brand.

You need to design a custom logo for your brand. Being a professional designer you can do it on your own or hire a graphic design agency to get custom logo design services. Your logo serves to be a vital asset that you cannot take risk of. Make sure your logo is unique, flexible and versatile.

Create Custom Graphic Designs

Designing is the most essential part of having a strong visual brand identity. You need to come up with custom designs to make your brand look aesthetic. People tend to remember visual designs more than a simple text describing what your brand stands for.

Thus, be it your social media campaign, video content, banner ads or design of your website. Make use of custom graphics to help people recall your brand. It just not only beautifies your branding elements but also make people build trust in your brand.  You can conceptualize the design by keeping in view your customer experience.

Use attractive color combinations, unique typography, and other visual elements to make custom graphics. Do not make the mistake of copying others’ designs. As it will make you lose your brand identity. Custom graphics are going to help you reap benefits in the long-run.

Branding Ideas 2020 Key Takeaway

To help your brand gain a competitive edge, you need to pay attention to how you go about branding your business. Just because a branding strategy works fine for your competitors does not necessarily mean it will work for you too. You have to keep looking for unique branding ideas and make the most out of it.

By keeping the above branding ideas in your strategy, you will be able to seize new opportunities. Also, you will be able to attract new audiences while gaining strong brand recognition.

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