9 Challenges A Logo Designer Face While Designing A Custom Logo


We all know the significance of the logo in the world or business or startups. A logo is more than an identity mark as it serves the industries in many ways. An attractive logo designed by an expert logo designer surely makes your business familiar immediately.

In the field of designing, logo designers are the most passionate being. From learning a designing platform to exploring anything through creativity. One should be kept up to date with technology and trends, they are the true design masters.

The role that professional logo designers play in creating a brand is very critical. When it comes to communicating the brand’s individuality to its customers. Logo designing is the creative process of exploring customer’s ideas and tastes while dealing with thousands of different customers at the same time.

On the other hand, sometimes, this creative process becomes challenging for custom logo designers. This affects the workflow of the whole mindset of colors, fonts, and other elements required to create a striking logo.

However, we think that the job of logo designers is a piece of cake, but somehow that is not true. They also have to go through some severe challenges in their profession.

9 Challenges Faced by Logo Designer

1. Industry Revolution For Logo Designers

Industry Revolution

The logo design industry progresses so fast due to several technological advancements occurs in design software and tools. It also evolves because of changing trends in colors and fonts and customer’s tastes.


A logo designer should have essential skills to deal with every new revolution.


2. Logo Designers Communicating Their Ideas With Clients

Client Communication

It is entirely upon professional logo designers to interpret your brand picture into a logo. Still, somehow potential clients lack in communicating their ideas to logo designers, and that stands as a big problem for them.

If the client’s brief is not clear to a custom logo design, then it will be difficult for them to figure out what feature you want to depict through your logo. Any ideas about logo like its color scheme, fonts, and shapes must be discussed with a logo designer to make sure that he will not face any trouble while designing your logo.

3. High-End Competition For All Logo Designers

One of the biggest challenges faced by logo designers is that the industry is getting crowded with the number of designers. This profession brings unique ideas for logo designers as the young generation is opting for designing as their career because it gives freedom to art and creativity.

High End Competition


The increasing numbers of designers in the market ignite the high-end competition among all the professional logo designers and lead to the deflation of this incredible field.


So, it decreases the chances for logo designers to excel and generate sufficient revenue from it, and in that case, designers prefer to work at a low price.

4. Logo Designer’s Emerging Trend Of Freelancing

The emerging trend of Freelancing

There has been an abrupt rise in custom logo designers offering freelance services at a lower price. Nowadays, instead of hiring any designing company, people prefer to hire freelancers or online business logo makers to get their designing work done smartly.


Freelancing is shrinking the opportunities for rare logo designers because they design custom logos at affordable rates. Freelancing is the new and easy trend, and most of the businesses relying on them and somehow neglecting traditional and professional logo designers.

5.  Manage Client’s Expectations – A Tough Task For Logo Designer

It is commonly known that meeting clients’ expectations is not less than the professional risk for a custom logo designer. Every client is different, has different thoughts and mindsets, consequently visualizes the work process and results differently.

Managing Client's Expectations

It is the ultimate goal of a professional logo designer to meet the clients’ expectations without disappointing him, and that is genuinely challenging for them. They came with thousands of solutions that may fit the clients’ requirement and welcomed the revisions and changes.

6. Strict Deadlines Set By Client For Designers

Strict Deadlines

Customers demand exceptional design, and they want it fast. To get highly paid custom logo designers, have to work quickly within prescribed and tight deadlines.

There are several ways through which logo designers can deal with this challenge of strict deadlines. For instance, advanced software and equipment that makes designers life easy and quick and increased productivity with quality.

7. Online Free Templates For Logo Designers

Online Free TemplatesOne of the great benefits of the digital age has become a common challenge for logo designers. Yes, we are talking about online free templates.

Small businesses or startups simply want their work done at low cost, so they count on online templates, unlike big companies or corporate sector who hires corporate logo designer for their corporate logo.

If a person gets the template for free or at a low price, why they would look for a logo designer with high rates.

8. Logo Designers Defending Their Creativity

Defending Your Creativity

The interference of clients in the creative work process can be the most challenging situation for custom log designers. The constant dictation from clients and or employee make designers feel a lack of control or losing ownership of their work.

Logo designer have their own different and imaginative mindset, but constant interruption makes them feel that they are executing someone else imagination and vision in a logo.

9. The Balance Between Work And Creativity

The Balance Between Work And Creativity By Logo DesignerAs a logo designer, once you are done with detailed clients brief, you came up with zillion ideas in your mind and gave your best to transform it into perfect design.

Here you have to maintain a balance between work and your creativity. Your client is critical, so there are chances that he might not convince with your design idea. Therefore, you have to make sure that your client is satisfied with your work.


There must be more than nine challenges faced by logo designers. In order to become a successful logo designer, you should be able to overcome these fundamental challenges. Thus, if you get to know how to deal with these challenges, then there would be no obstacles in your way.



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