Abstract Logo Design: 08 Useful Tips and Basics to Get Started

abstract logo design

Do you want to know how an abstract logo design makes your brand outperform in the market? If yes, then this article will help you know exactly why you need to choose an abstract logo for your brand. There are different types of logos with unique usage of each. Similarly, an abstract logo for your business enables you to differentiate your brand in the market.

With an abstract logo concept, you can portray your business in a unique style that gives you an opportunity to use your creativity skills at the core. If you are an expert in designing, you can create an abstract logo design on your own or hire an expert to get custom logo design services.

Here’s what you need to know:

Abstract Logo Design Basics

A logo needs to portray your brand in a way that directly influences your target audience. To get that style in your abstract logo design, you have to focus on the brand voice, tone and message it intends to deliver. Ensure that you put creativity as the core ingredient of your abstract logo so as to make it captivating.

You can never win the trust of people by providing them the same old concepts. Thus, bring innovation while keeping the design simple and crisp. Moreover, you can also take inspiration from top-notch abstract logo trends to come up with a unique idea of your own.

Do Your Research

Research is the most important aspect that you have to do before you get into designing a logo for your brand.  You need to research the industry you are working in and then create a logo that matches your brand persona. Create an abstract that gives a true essence of what your brand stands for and how it is unique as compare to others. Making your brand stand out in the saturated market is a challenge that you can overcome if you have a stronghold on what works for your brand and whatnot.

Select a Versatile Abstract Logo

A versatile abstract logo design is the one that you can use easily to communicate your brand message across all your targeted media platforms. Thereby, you need to have a clear idea about how you are going to use your logo and then instill versatility in your design. Creating a simple logo for a single purpose is quite easier than to create a versatile logo for multiple purposes.

Use Aesthetic Color Combinations

The colors you choose for your abstract logo plays a crucial role in making a difference. As colors alone are one great way to make people understand what message your logo conveys. The colors you choose must be visually strong and have the potential to trigger the emotions of the people.

According to research, there is an 80% chance of high brand identification if you use the right colors. As people are more likely to get influence by colors. Thereby, research and understand the psychology of colors before you are going to use it in your abstract logo.

Embrace Simplicity in Design

The design of your logo can either be the reason for your success or downfall of your overall brand image. While designing an abstract logo for your brand, you need to ensure you keep the right balance between colors, shapes and the size of your logo. Your goal should be to create a logo that not just looks good in the display but also portray your brand personality.

Never Steal Other Brand Logos

You have to ensure your abstract logo is a symbol of purity and uniqueness. Therefore, do not copy other brand logos that are being popular in the industry. The reason why their logos earn the first-rank badge is that they have built up their own identity in the market.

Likewise, you must not also copy other brand logo ideas instead create something unique in accordance with your audience. For example, if you are designing the abstract logo similar to the ones that are already in rage like McDonald’s golden arches, then you will not be able to create a brand image that makes your brand unique from others.

Understand Color Theory

Having a striking abstract logo design for your brand requires you to first learn the psychology of colors. Know how different colors evoke different emotions. Know which colors are good for you to integrate into your logo then use them effectively. Learn to create 10x visually appealing graphics with the understanding of color theory.

Keep It Inspirational

What if the design of your abstract logo does not influence well with your target audience? You can offer the best products or services. But, if you are not able to inspire people from a visual perspective, you will not be able to retain the audience’s attention in the long-term.

Thereby, it is essential that you create an abstract logo that triggers desired emotions in different people. For instance, see how Nike uses an abstract logo to communicate its unique brand proposition. You can also do that if you conceptualize the design while keeping in view the audience’s perspective.

Creative Abstract Designs

When it comes to the abstract logo, you must know that there are different shapes and sizes you can leverage from. It is important to utilize the shapes, colors, and sizes that work best with your audience psyche. Having a unique presence of your brand is possible if you are able to turn complex ideas into aesthetic designs. You need to ensure your abstract logo unifies your overall brand image.

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An abstract logo design enables your brand to have a unique identity in your respective industry. It is one great way to represent your brand by a captivating pictorial logo.  However, before you dive into creating an abstract logo for your business, you need to know the basics of how an abstract logo works for your brand.

Also, the implications you need to keep in view to create a remarkable brand image. The benefits of having an abstract logo for your brand is way too many. But, it all depends on how well you are portraying your brand through your logo. And if you follow the tips mentioned in this post. You will be able to know exactly why you need an abstract logo for your brand.


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