What Are Ambigram Logos (Types With Examples)


If you want to make a logo which is out of the box, you will have to make a creative approach to its creation. One technique employed in logo design is the use of Ambigram. An Ambigram is a typographical design that can be read as one more word, when turned, mirrored or displayed from various points of direction. They play with optical illusions. The most famous one is rotational. This type of typographic play is not common due to its difficulty, but if it’s rightly-done, it will be able to stick into the viewer’s mind forever. Today I’m going to put up a dedicated post on this topic so that you can know what are ambigram logos?

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What Are Ambigram Logos?

Types of Ambigrams

There are different kinds of ambigrams like rotational, mirror-image, chain style ambigrams, etc. Most commonly used is rotational ambigrams. In this type, words are written or designed in a special style, so that it can be readable when the word is inverted. Making these types of logos have no hard and fast rule, but it depends on how you give shape to the characters of a word to make it readable in both forward and backward directions.

A Closer Look at Ambigrams

An ambigram is a graphical figure that spells out one or more words. It also presented in another direction. An ambigram is a word that is an art form, and it can be in other symbolic representation. The meaning of the word may either changes when we just read it directly after invert, but the style of some characters make the similar word from backward direction. Some of the writers describe an ambigram as a calligraphic design that squeezes two different readings into selfsame set curves. Ambigram form the same word or words, differing in both style and form.

Types of Ambigram Logos With Examples

  1. If we take a word “Vegas,” we can read it easily when rotated. It is the example of a rotational ambigram.
  2. In ambulance car we can see the word “ambulance” is written in inverted form, it is because if a car is moving in front of the ambulance so the car driver can read the word clearly when he/she saw it from its car mirror. The mirror will invert the already inverted word so it can be easily readable. This type of ambigrams is called mirror-image ambigrams.
  3. When words are interlinked in design, they form a repeating chain. If a character is written more than one time in a circle shape design, then these logos are Chain Ambigrams.
  4. In natural ambigrams, the words are super easy to read either from forwarding or backward direction. For example, “NOON”.
  5. Another type of an ambigram is a Figure-ground ambigram. In this type, the spaces between the letters of one word form another word.
  6. In Oscillation Ambigram, we have a word which have two meanings. It is designed in some style to give the word, two different meanings. For example “teach/learn.” If you understand it carefully from the forward direction, it will show you two different meanings.

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Ambigram logos are unique and can represent the hidden meanings through them. Sometimes these logos are just for style, or sometimes these logos are essential to have. In the end, it’s you who decide. If you’re looking to deliver the hidden brand message, then it’s a great type to stick. Let me know what you think about it? Any question or feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.


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