Animated Logo Design: Here’s What You Need To Know

animated logo design

Starting a new business comes with various unique challenges that even skillful entrepreneurs experience. But, deciding on the logo is one of the daunting tasks as it is the most important aspect of a brand visual identity. Are you thinking of a logo design that instigates audience attention, maximizes brand awareness and makes you deliver your brand story?

If yes, then the animated logo is the exact answer to your question. In this post, you will know why your brand needs an animated logo design. And the possible benefits that an animated logo brings to your business.

Here’s what you need to know.

There is a rapid increase in innovation in the domain of brand design and development. Trends often change in the industry of graphic design. Thereby, you need to choose a logo that is unique and makes you convey your brand message in a creative way. If you are a professional, you can design an animated logo on your own or hire a professional designer to get custom logo design services.

What’s An Animated Logo?

A logo is the most crucial aspect of your brand. It helps you in promoting your brand while creating a connection with your target audience. And if the logo is animated, you can have a better chance to inspire the audience with your creativity.

Moreover, the static design of the logo does not give you the freedom to showcase your creativity. Thereby, the animated logo is one great way to strengthen your visual identity. Animated logo enables your brand to deliver your business story in an artistic way with a creative animated character that represents your business story.

animated logo design

Benefits of Animated Logo

Animated logos are going to be the center of attraction in the year 2020. From emerging brands to already well-established SME’s, the trend of designing logo animations is booming increasingly. It is one of the most creative ways to display your brand. Moreover, it helps you deliver the brand story with an animated character that best fits with your visual brand persona.

It  Makes Your Brand Stand Out

You will find businesses using the same kind of logos to portray their brand. They research competitors and try to take inspiration from the ones that are already being popular. In this commonly done practice, brand owners often fail to create something unique and extraordinary.

Remember, you need to come up with innovation while designing a logo for your brand. And, that is where animated logo helps you to create a brand image with a perfect balance of visual effects and creative graphics.

It Empowers Your Brand Recognition

An animated logo allows you to make it easier for people to recall your brand. On the contrary, the static design is the one that does not help people memorize the brand in the long-term. With just a 10 second animation, you can better fascinate your audience and make people remember your brand.

The digital branding is now moving towards personalizing your approach to graphic designs. The more you instill creativity into your logo animation, the more you will be able to grab your audience’s attention. You may also increase your brand recognition with a creative animated logo design.

It Makes Your Brand Look Aesthetic

The logo of your brand is the first touchpoint that you need to take care of. You have got a few seconds to either make or break your brand image. You need to create a logo animation that portrays your brand core values. Yet, ensuring it looks absolutely ravishing to your audience.

Create custom logo animations based on your brand personality and influence your audience. You need to ensure your logo is a perfect representation of the brand’s unique value proposition that entices people to buy what you are offering.

It Sparks Off Emotions

Your audience is more likely to get attracted to unique and fresh ideas that give them a feeling of enticement. Your animated logo must be crafted keeping in view what resonates with the user. Successful logo animation is the one that convinces people to try your product or service.

Also, it will make your audience relate to your brand positively. If your logo does not give your audience a positive feeling they might not be willing to associate with your brand. Thereby, keep your animation as effective as you can.

Better Storytelling

It is no secret that people are fond of watching stories that make them relate to life experiences. With an animated logo, you can portray your business story that makes people connect with your brand. It enables you to have an emotional connection with your audience that is crucial if you want to have a base of loyal followers.

Nowadays, nobody wants to know what the company does rather they are more focused on knowing the value the company brings to its people. Focus on the benefits your business intends to deliver instead of boasting about your achievements.

It Reflects Business Professionalism

To make a difference in the way digital branding is done, you have to come up with creative animations. Top-notch marketing firms are now using animated logos to better display their brand image. The key is to keep coming up with innovations to make your brand stand out. You can do it by creating a logo animation that displays professionalism and makes people consider your brand as an authority.

Pro Tips For Animated Logo

Business Goals

Start with analyzing the organization’s business mission and vision first along with key branding goals. Before conceptualizing an animated logo, you have to know the exact message your brand wants to deliver. The animated logo itself is one great way to convey your brand personality across the globe.

Industry Research

The second crucial thing is to do thorough industry research. The research needs to know every possible aspect of the animation you are planning to create. Also, examine your target audience to know the possible preferences of the users. Your animated logo must be captivating enough to seize the audience’s attention at first glance.

Brand Personality

Think of the personality that you want to portray as a brand. Be it competence, excitement, sophistication, sincerity or toughness. You need to make sure each aspect of your brand design and development represents your business core values.

Famous Animated Logos

Take inspiration from the top-notch animated logos and decide on the one that best suits your business and the audience you are targeting. For instance, transforming logos, 3D animation logos, a logo with swap elements, hide and reveal and rotating logos are some of the handpicked animated logos you can get started with.

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The animated design of the logo helps your business gain memorability while enhancing the visibility of your brand. With an aesthetic animated logo, you can deliver a creative story for your brand that directly resonates with your audience.

Moreover, it enables a business to have its own original identity in the market that is already saturated with other brands. You can reap the benefits of logo animation only if you are able to successfully implement the best practices that make you stand out in the digital world.

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