11 Basketball Logo Design Ideas


Basketball is a popular sports game. America, Canada, Australia, and England are the countries where this game is played most. Like any other sport, there are many different teams in this game which compete to claim the main spot. Teams should look separate from each other. Otherwise, it would be mingled, and it will be hard to recognize which player is from which team. So logo design plays an important role here to identify each team, and it is used for advertising and marketing purposes. It gains the attention of viewers. Here are the 11 top-notch basketball logo design ideas around the web for your inspiration.

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  1. The National Basketball Association (NBA)
    basketball logo design of nba
  2. Hard Wood Hoops
  3. Bobcats
  4. Washington Wizards
  5. Chicago Muscle
    chicago muscle logo
  6. Los Angeles Lakers
    los angleles lakers team emblem
  7. Philadelphia 76ers
    Philadelphia 76ers brand
  8. Charlotte Hornets
    Charlotte Hornets team symbol
  9. Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors brand mark
  10. Atlanta Hawks
    brand logo of Atlanta Hawks
  11. Boston Celtics
    Boston Celtics team logo

Basketball Logo Design Elements And Colors

Basketball is different from other sports so its logo cannot be similar to Cricket, Football or other sports. There are many brands which logo changes by the time. Just like Flight, Bobcats, and Dragons, etc.

Compared to doing other logos, making basketball logo is pretty hard because of the competition. But the outcome is totally worth it. Designs like graphics, ball, player, dragon or eagle face and a net are included. Mostly orange color basketball with black lines in it is used in the logo design to clarify the sport. So people can definitely understand this as a basketball logo without reading any text around it. It is the most dominant branding and marketing elements that can represent the interest of a sports team around the world.

Using of vibrant and energetic colors and sporty font is must for design a good basketball logo. Because it should look attractive and unique. Its bright colors give soul to the logo. Its sports oriented symbol will help lovers to remember it easily. It made the position of a particular sports team in the sports world and leave its impact on the admirers.

As far as the logos are important for any brand, basketball teams are needed to identify uniquely by their logos. It can take your basketball team awareness to peak. If your logo is remarkable you are not afraid of losing your team’s brand importance. Just go through these basketball logo design ideas to brainstorm for your project.


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