07 Exceptional Business Email Signatures That Makes Sense

business email signatures

Marketing your business has always been an interesting yet tricky game, many tools aid the marketing aspect and benefits business to grow. Along with all other tools, email signatures are also playing well in the game of marketing.

However, we know the power of social media as branding in the modern era has become so convenient. Though, promoting your business means that you have to communicate with your potential customers and business email signatures found to be the most adequate way of communication.

Moreover, Your business email signatures give important information about your business at the end of the email. You can say that they are digital business/ visiting cards, a branding agency gives us a chance to get inside in brand recognition through unique email signatures.

So, before getting your signature designed take some inspirations and know what needs to be included in the email signature.

Disclaimer: All the email signatures that are mentioned below are picked from the web. We do not own them or have any sort of connection.

Business Email Signatures

You are not giving information only through your email signature, it can be used for many other purposes, let us find out signature examples below.

1.  Signatures with Customer Feedback

feedback based email signature

This email signature example giving us the option of customer feedback, here we can frankly ask the opinions from customers by using graphics.

If you entail the option of customer interaction in your business email signatures it will give them the way to contact and avail your service.

2. Signatures With Picture

business email signatures with photo

In business email signatures you can use the option of adding a photo, it is impactful yet pleasing. Your photo can increase the visual interest but the picture must be formal, not fancy, or casual, preferably mid-shot portrait.

3.  Signatures with Logos

email signature with logo

Adding a logo is another way to entice your client it adds value to your brand and aware audience. The logo itself is enough for branding but including it with business email signatures is a plus.

This kind of email signatures grab the attention, the layout also matters. In this example you can see the brand ‘click up’ has business information with logo precisely designed.

4.  Signatures with Banners & Animations

banners based email signature

You may think that using animation or banners in a signature is makes it stuffed looking or informal. Well but somehow animation can give a modern look to your business email signatures.

These kind of email signatures well suit for freelancers, who are always in the race of standing out from their competitors. Creating a banner style signature instantly gives the option to click and see the portfolio.

5.  Signatures with Actual Signatures

orignal sign email signature

This signature inspiration showing the signature of an employee, who simply concluded her email with her signature. This adds the formal look to your signature, usually corporate email signature uses this inspiration. This is very simple as compare to others, it takes fewer design aesthetics.

6.  Signatures with CTA

CTA bases business email signatures

Customer’s action can benefit business, informing them about your product or service in your signature also invite them to take action. Adding a CTA text or phrase in Appealing fonts is the best way.

The above example has mentioned CTA in a very delicate manner, it helps brands in timely customer engagement. Ask your clients to take action by clicking on the call to action text like ‘’call now’’ in your signatures.

7.  Signature with Quotes

quotes based email signatures

Ending an email with a sign with a quote seems interesting and motivating. However, do not add too long and unnecessary quotes that will ruin your signature.

In this example, the email is simply ended with a signature and with a short yet motivational quote. Attaching the right quote with your signature speaks a lot about you and your business, it highlights your brand statement.

You have seen some examples of business email signatures now, let’s have a look at basic tips for designing some signatures that make sense.

Tips for Designing Business Email Signature

Make it Simple

Add basic elements in your signature and keep it simple, should be understood by customers. It should be communicating with simple text and important information.

Add colors

Colors do wonders everywhere either it’s your logo or signature. Using colors concerning your logo gives a complete colorful rhythm to your signature.

Avoid unnecessary Information

You don’t have to tell the whole business idea in your signature, just provide key information that is enough for contacting and communicating.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what information we need in our signature then just add less text comprised on 5 to 6 lines

Use Social Media Icons

Well, don’t forget to add your social media information, because it’s important now people prefer to look at your social media platforms first rather make a call. It is beneficial in bringing more traffic to your social media.


However, If you wish to expand your business spectrum then you should invest in marketing tools like email signatures.  How you do business and what tools you use matters a lot, email signatures play an important role in the market your product or services.

Adapting some ideas and taking inspiration will make your email signature designing smooth. Trending signature designs includes signatures with photo, logo, icons, and many others. Different business requires different email signatures.


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