7 Golden Rules to Create Successful Ecommerce Brand in 2020

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Brand provides a product or service, having an identity which helps it differentiate from the rest of the market. In today’s world, branding is the key to build relationship with the customer. With the rapidly growing eCommerce businesses, it has become a challenge to stand out in the market. It is crucial to understand what makes a successful eCommerce brand.

As we all know, 2020 has brought a storm for everyone. People are locked down in their houses, working from home and ordering online. The sudden boost in online shopping has undoubtedly brought an enormous increase in the eCommerce industry. Many new online businesses have entered the market identifying this opportunity at hand.

However, online businesses must work on branding efforts otherwise it may lose its importance once the pandemic is over. A good move would be hiring professional branding agency such as Logo Orbit that does the right job for you. While if you do that on your own, it is vital for you to know the seven golden rules to create a successful eCommerce brand in 2020.

07 Rules for a Successful eCommerce Brand

1. Find Your Why!

Any business, no matter how big or small must have a ‘why.’

Having a ‘why’ means to know why you started in the first place. It puts your brand into perspective. And the reason that you initiated your business becomes the basis for your branding.

This belief comes from Simon Sinek’s famous ‘Golden Circle.’ He states that human beings or businesses must think deeper and find their ‘why.’ It helps them in understanding who they are and also provides their marketing communication with an enormous overhaul.

As you gain clarity on your brand’s reason to exist, you are right on the track towards creating an eCommerce brand that is prepared to conquer.

2. Create a Personality that Resonates

create business personality

A brand is like a person that has its own way of doing things. To connect with the customers, it must have a personality that resonates with them. For that, you may also analyze the target audience (TA) that your brand has.

Once you do a thorough analysis and find your desired target audience, the next step is to build a brand personality that will be liked by them. As human beings prefer to be with like-minded individuals, a brand must be able to create similarity.

For instance, if an eCommerce brand has teenagers as its target audience, it will have a rugged and adventurous personality. That kind of personality will be better accepted and appreciated by teenagers rather than a sophisticated one.

Building the right brand personality requires a thorough understanding of your target audience and the solution you are offering to them. You must also understand the way your offering is utilized by this audience and the value it has among them.

3. Have Your Own Voice

having own voice

Your brand may know its purpose and personality; however, it would not benefit until it does not have a voice to convey. Giving a voice to your brand is about how its tone would be, the language, and the conversational style it will use.

Brand’s voice and tone are an extension of the personality it has. A rugged and adventurous brand will use keywords that denote courage, thunder, determination, or the energy to take risks.

As you provide your brand with a voice, you must use it to socialize with the target audience. Strengthen your eCommerce brand’s presence on social media platforms. Start conversations regarding the problem that you are solving through your brand.

For instance, the eCommerce industry is all about speed and convenience. Consumers want their orders from the ease of their couch, and they want them ASAP.

The eCommerce marketing ideas you create for these social media platforms should empathize with the customers. Your content should acknowledge the issues with the eCommerce services and provide solutions. That way, the customers see that you know what they are going through. They realize that you care and are striving to help them.

4. Exhibit Your Business Aesthetically

showcase ecommerce brand

Visuals, whether in still images or animated videos, have become the most popular type of content. Your brand needs to communicate with its target audience that attracts their sight. No matter what you use, either photography of products or explainer videos about services, those have to be aesthetically pleasing.

People love to see efforts put by brands. They appreciate creativity and aesthetics more than business owners realize. Instagram has been popular for this very reason. Many brands are especially known for their artistic and tasteful Instagram profile feeds.

If you want to achieve a rapport with your target audience, you must have the kind of creativity that stops them from scrolling to appreciate and engage with your content.

5. Build Relationships

The eCommerce industry has been growing at a wildly fast pace. A new online business initiates its operations every other day. In that particular market, customers have more options than one can possibly imagine. One mistake by a company and they lose many customers for good.

Therefore, to survive and succeed as an eCommerce brand, you must have a strong relationship with the customers. You must understand their expectations and shape your offers accordingly.

However, to be able to do that, you must have excellent communication with them. As we mentioned before, having two-way conversations is crucial for any brand. It is the basis of forming a relationship with the customer. Only when you know talk to them, you will understand their expectations from your brand.

And only when you know what they expect, will you be able to fulfill it appropriately.

6. Motto to Serve

What matters the most in any business is the intention behind it. You saw a gap or issue in the market and decided to fill the gap by providing the solution. However, what was the main intention behind doing that? To only earn money or to really solve the problem?

While it may sound strange to many, it is a reality that businesses with a serving attitude are the ones that really prosper in the long run. As customers are flooded with smarter and faster options, they have more power in their hands than businesses ever did.

In today’s world, customers are the real kings, and they steer your brand’s success. They expect more for less, and they like it personalized. The debate has gone far ahead from wishes and needs, it’s about expectations now. If your brand is not prepared to serve the customers truly in todays, you aren’t prepared to do business at all.

7. Stand Out, and Stay There

Companies need to have a differentiation that sets them apart. And that is what branding is for. Some businesses start well and create their name in the market. However, they forget to stay unique as time passes. Many brands have fallen prey to this blunder.

If you start by providing a particular product or service and wish to expand further, do it wisely. Going haywire, trying to sell everything the other eCommerce companies are offering, can have devastating results.

Whether branding the business yourself or hiring an eCommerce branding agency, you must be sure of what to do and what not to do with your business.

It is said that trying to become everything results in becoming nothing.

As in this article, we discussed finding your ‘why,’ and now, as we are about to conclude, we are advising you to stay with your ‘why.’ Let it be the compass that guides your future decisions; let it be the lens that provides your perspective.


Starting and sustaining an eCommerce brand in 2020 is a huge opportunity and challenge, both at the same time. With the rising demand for online shopping, many entrepreneurs are rushing into the market. It has become a struggle to differentiate and build recognition. However, if businesses work on these seven golden rules and work on their branding in the right way, they can thrive and stay strong in the times to come.

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