Famous Logo Design Quotations to Keep Logo Designers Motivated in 2020


There’s time when you feels motiveless from work and needs to be encouraged to lift the spirit being logo designer. Therefore, here are the inspirational quotations can do wonders and increase your morale.

The collection of word forms sentence, that hides many lessons, experiences, advises and makes a perfect quote to get inspired.

The quotation has the power to transform minds and trigger your creative instinct. Therefore, it plays an important role in shaping our attitudes and beliefs.

The famous designers’ inspirational quotes are full of knowledge and motivation. They help us in understanding designing and in generating new logo design ideas.

Here we have gathered famous motivational graphic design quotes to stay positive in 2020 with every part of the design.


1.    Milton Glaser

best logo designer quoteMilson Glaser is America’s most distinguished graphic designer, mainly known for his exemplary work such as the logo of Brooklyn Brewery and I ❤ NY.

This quote has clear message for logo designers that designs should have the power to communicate and control one’s mind. He believes every design has hidden meanings; it’s a success of design when it induces specific emotion to audience heart.


2.    Frank Chimero

The professional logo designers seem very subtle about their designs like Frank Chimero, in this quote, he said that every design is about people and their choices and preferences, and if you ignore that factor in your design then your design will also be ignored by people.

He always bucks up designers in his logo design quotes that make sure you inspire people through your work and made them think creatively.


3.    Saul Bass

Along with the best logo designer Saul Bass is also known for designing everlasting movie posters, title sequences, etc. his design includes some famous corporate logos and the poster of the blockbuster The Man with Golden Arm.

It’s his consideration that design is all about thinking, what you think you put into visuals through your skills and creativity.


4.    Paul Arden

We took mistakes as a failure or something that demotivates us but according to Paul Arden, all remarkable and inspirational logo designs come after making a thousand mistakes in designing. In this quote, he advised designers that never hesitate in making mistakes. One who doesn’t make mistakes means he did nothing.


5.    Scott Adams

motivational logo designer quote

Scott Adams sharing his thought that creativity is limitless and not bound to perfection only, creativity is all about making mistakes. Whereas designing is an art in which you can also create inspirational logo designs from mistakes it depends on the designer which mistake he uses in his design.

Scott Adams is the master of visual communication, he was an art director and bring out the world’s best inspiration in his work.


6.    John Maeda

This most provocative and precise quote is the thought of most critical designer John Maeda. According to him, designing is the ultimate solution to many problems, designers have a creative mind that means they have ownership of transforming every idea into visuals.

He always emphasis logo designers to create designs that viewed as the creative piece, that astounds and amazes the audience.


7.    Robert L. Peters

famous logo designer quote by robert peters

To him designs have the power to depict culture and values, it is more than a logo with colors and fonts. Robert L. Peters enforces designs that can stand to shape the future.


8.    Pablo Picasso

This artist doesn’t need any recognition his designed pieces say it all. His quotes always inspire all new and old designers and artist to bring art that evokes emotions that leads to the truth. He had introduced many guides for design, how your creativity can leave a profound impact.


9.    Bill Moyers

He is an American journalist but has quoted one of the most inspirational quotes to motivate all the designers out there. He prompted the significance of creative thinking and encouraged the exploring process and modern behaviors to design and creativity.


10.    Oti Aicher

There is always a slight confusion between art and design. The German graphic designer Oti Aicher put effort to eradicate this confusion between two phenomena of art and design through his wise words.

According to him, art is something that brings inspiration for your creativity however designs serve as the source of doing art and spill the colors of motivation.



Quotes are the best way for logo designers to stay motivated and encouraged. You can find many quotes as much as you want; we have collected some of the most inspiring ones for designers to keep winning the designing grounds in 2020.

These quotes are from the best designers and artists from the industry. Their thought-provoking words are full of vision and help us understand every facet of design.


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