Famous Restaurant Logos 2020 That Are Worth The Hype

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Are you dealing in the restaurant business or planning to start one? If yes, you need to know beforehand about the famous restaurant logos that created an impact globally. Only a bunch of restaurant chains are able to stand out in the crowd.

Thus, you need to know how you can get an edge in the already saturated market. Restaurant chains are opening everywhere. But, not all get that applause they strive for.

Ever wondered why is that so? Although many factors contribute to the success of your restaurant business, however, the logo is one crucial aspect that differentiates your fast-food chain from others.

A business logo is responsible to create a brand image in the mind of consumers. You have to create a restaurant logo that seizes the audience’s attention, entices their taste buds and makes them crave to buy from your restaurant.

You can design your own restaurant logo or hire a professional graphic designer to get custom logo design services. In this post, I’m sharing 05 handpicked famous restaurant logos for you to derive inspiration.

Besides, it will also educate you on the key aspects you need to consider while designing a logo for your business.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Famous Restaurant Logo Differentiates

To outperform your competitors, you need to instill uniqueness in your restaurant business. Thereby, you need to start with your restaurant logo. As it is the visual identity of your business apparent to everyone.

Design a logo that demonstrates your business products or services. You need to create a USP (unique selling proposition) for your restaurant chain to thrive.

Let people know what new and different you are offering. Also, make sure your restaurant logo is meaningful enough to create a lasting impact on your audience.

Logo Typeface That Is Expressive

You need to ensure the typeface you use for your restaurant logo must be prominent enough. As your restaurant business logo is important to distinguish your brand from competitors.

Therefore, if your logo includes your business name, it will help you create a positive brand identity for your restaurant. It is not necessary to have symbols in your logo. You can make use of lettermark to craft a striking logo.

For example, Denny’s logo is one of the amazing examples of using the typeface to display its restaurant business.  Another prominent example includes Subway which is another top-of-the-line restaurant logo.

Restaurant Business Logo Story 

Storytelling is what gives a restaurant business an edge over the other famous restaurants in the market. The one aspect that distinguishes your business from others is how creative you are.

You need to design a logo that explains the story of your business. You must have seen the logo of Baskin Robbins. Their logo is simple yet eye-catchy.

Just because it is expressing how the brand offers 31 unique ice-cream flavors for you to try every day of the month. These types of logos are what people tend to remember most.

Because there’s a story attached to it. Baskin Robbins’s logo is crafted in a manner that the parts of letters “B” and “R” represent the number 31.

05 Famous Restaurant Logos For Your Inspiration

Burger King

burger king logo

Want to know how a simple yet straightforward logo looks likes? Burger King’s logo is the exemplary design you need to see. The shape is more like a titled circle along with halves buns on either logo side. Red, yellow and blue are the three colors that make up the burger king logo. It is more of a bubbly picture to entice fast food lovers.


Subway logo

Subway logo is another captivating simple logo. It makes use of an arrow on the letters of “S” and “Y”. If you look closely the left-pointing arrow and the right-pointing arrows displays the entrance and exit of the restaurant. The core idea behind its logo is you can fulfill your craving by having food just on the go.

Amigos Chicken Wings

Amigos chicken wings

The logo of Amigos Chicken wings is creative enough to represent the scrumptious chicken wings. Furthermore, the restaurant is well-known to offer delicious wings and it’s a popular fast-food chain. Besides, it comprises of two colors and two typefaces. Both are simple yet bold enough to convey business message creatively.


Wendys logo

Look closely at Wendy’s logo and you will see the word “mom” on her red ruffled collar. The fast-food chain Wendy’s was named on Dave Thomas daughter. She is appearing in the logo and her appearance makes the logo captivating to the sight of viewers.


McDonald's logo

McDonald’s logo is a great example of how a simple logo looks like. It is based on the company names first letter “M” represented with golden arches. Moreover, it is one of the magnificent American fast food companies. Their logo fulfills the K.S.S design principle that is meant to keep the logo simple and straightforward.

Besides, McDonald’s logo has significantly built up the brand image. If we talk about colors their primary logo design colors include golden and red mainly. And it is the simplest logo of all times.

Takeaway From Famous Restaurant Logos

Gaining restaurant business recognition is not as difficult as it appears, provided you deliver tempting experience overall to your customers. The same is true about your restaurant business. Incorporating the tips mentioned in this post enables you to get a stronghold on your target audience.

The reason behind sharing famous restaurant logos is to help you thrive in your restaurant business. You need to ensure your restaurant chain leverage from all the latest trends to get the desired outcome.


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