5 Game of Thrones Inspired Brand Symbols


Who doesn’t like Game of Thrones? People wait with anticipation for every single episode launch. Recently the “Dragonstone” episode was aired, and I thought to curate a branding post on it. Yes! You read it right. Well, to be honest, nobody does it better than GOT when it comes to branding.

Each house represented with a sigil, a symbol or sign that possess a powerful meaning. It’s same as the logo of a brand. So it creates an opportunity to cash on the popularity of Game of Thrones by using the elements of design from the show in your logo. Here are the five of them that you can choose from for your logo.

The Logo Inspiration From GOT

1. The Lion

The sigil of the extremely wealthy Lannisters is a golden lion on a crimson background. Lions symbolize not only strength but also royalty, courage, dignity, ferocity, power, and wisdom. The golden color in it represents the importance and wealth.


When the lion incorporates in a logo, it tells the audience to have faith, feel secure, and follow the lead. It makes it a good match for the logos of Sports Clubs and Equipment Providers, Financial and banking Institutions, Media Companies, and Educational Institutions.

2. The Stag

House Baratheon’s sigil consists of a black stag with a gold crown in the neck. The background is a golden color. It represents the growth, prudence, and gallantry. Stags are the symbol of regeneration because of their feature of renewing antlers.

logo of john deere

The mighty stag is one of the most versatile design element that can grace your logo. The magical meanings that it carries in GOT will be the same with your logo if you choose to use it. It brings the symbols of elegance and enchantment when utilized in a logo. The emotions that it can trigger in your audience are creativity, modesty, safety, and benignity. As there are such contrasting meanings for a single design element, you’ll have to be perfect in color & elements combination. Also, it’s a good fit in industries like Art and Entertainment, Yoga and Spirituality, Clothing and Fashion, and Natural Supplements, Products, etc.

3. The Sun

The sigil of the House Martell is a red sun pierced by a golden spear with orange as the background. As a symbol, the sun denotes vigor, intellect, life, and impetus.

The sun shines this world, and it can bring the shine in your logo as well. It considered as a divine source and has been used in representing the ancient gods as well. Here are the industries it can represent well:

  • Organic Food and Natural Products
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Travel
  • Construction

4. The Flower

House Tyrell is one of the great houses of Westeros. Its sigil is a golden rose on the green background. You may have heard or know about it that flowers depict love and care, but they are also the symbol of confidentiality. Golden roses have their meanings associated with perfection and significance.

The floral logos used by some of the top brands to provide them the eccentric look with the establishing feel of a compassionate company. Using the flower element in your logo signifies the growth potential of your business and enthusiasm towards building client relationships. Now if you further opted to choose the different type of flowers than they can extend their separate meanings in the brand mark. In the House Tyrell example, roses elicit the symbols of dedication, grandeur, and passion. A floral logo might be a perfect fit for you if your business is operating in Groceries, Women’s Fashion, Baby and Wedding Photography or Health and Beauty industry.

5. The Direwolf

The sigil of the House Stark is a gray dire wolf on a white background. It’s an excellent representation for the House Stark as the wolves mainly found in colder climates. Wolves have the ability to withstand severe weather conditions that symbolize the firmness & loyalty.

The wolf symbol represents the firmness, volition, and unity. When integrated into a logo, it can signify the brand versatility, ability to evolve, leadership, empathy, and wit. Because of these factors, it can be a right choice in Consulting, Outdoor Activities and Equipment, Educational Institutions, and Sports Equipment industry.

Though GOT is a television series, but you can not deny the fact that it can truly inspire designers & businesses to create thoughtful designs that evoke the audience interests. That is all from this post. Let me know what you think about of getting design inspiration from GOT?


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