How This Coronavirus Outbreak Will Bring A Revolution In Branding & Logo Design Industry

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People are worried about their lives and the halt in business activities due to Coronavirus outbreak. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Most businesses including logo design business has been digitally revolutionized.

In this article, we will explore how this pandemic will transform the branding and logo design industry and what implications it will bring for the future.

A Digital Revolution in the Logo Design Industry

As COVID-19 forced businesses globally to opt digital mode that means you have to be digitally advanced in this situation. However, we all had to walk the road towards the digital world someday. Let’s explore the digital transformation and find how we can prepare for the post-pandemic branding and logo design industry.

1.    No More Office Spaces

Many businesses can be conducted entirely from homes; however, the business owners have been reluctant to do so. Coronavirus pandemic forcibly brought a revolutionary change that made Work From Home an acceptable rule as the time goes by.

The branding and design industry is notably one of those industries that can conduct all their business from home. Therefore, it’ll be going through a significant digital transformation as all the designers, and managers will be in communicating online.

As the pandemic gets over, this may become a widely accepted practice to continue digital marketing agencies online instead of offices. It will also result in a considerable cost reduction as office rent, electricity, and other variable expenses will immediately diminish. Digital marketing agencies looking to work from office won’t be able to do because most companies started working remotely already.

Many new startups will arise from this opportunity at hand, and the new low-cost structure will force other agencies to abandon the office work system too.

2.    Virtual Team Structuring (No Geographical Boundaries)

Team structuring will mainly be affected by hereon. The teams may not be structured as they are now. One opportunity that arises here is that employers may be able to hire good logo designers and website developers from anywhere around the world. The geographical boundaries will further diminish as far as hiring is concerned.

The teams may be smaller, and there might be fewer managers involved as the team dynamics change entirely. Self-management and accountability may be the new way to go about it. The key is to stay connected while conducting online meetings over particular online medium while being flexible in working hours. Having a team that is not bound by geography may also differ in time zones. You can leverage that into having more than one shift of working hours through which you could be able to cater to clients from around the globe at any time of the day. You can invest the amount saved from the office rent in having a 24/7 available branding and digital marketing agency.

3.    Online Meetings and Brainstorming

Meetings would be to the point, and meaningless bureaucracy may be eliminated by following flexible procedures. However, brainstorming sessions might never feel the same again. Having your colleagues seated within the same physical space, while one of them would write all your thoughts on a whiteboard could never be substituted.

Several voices at the same time, sounding their opinions about re-designing a logo would become annoying rather than stimulating in an online meeting. However, there can be ways to make that experience fun, energy, and creativity boosting too.

Exceptional leadership skills would be in demand to keep all the functions working smoothly from all different ends. As the employees stay home, away from their colleagues, their motivation may fluctuate from time to time. It would be the manager’s or leader’s job to have them stay inspired and indulged the whole time.

4.    Outsourcing Will Take the Front Seat

As the virtual office model becomes a norm for the logo design industry, outsourcing may become a common thing. Employers might want to hire freelancers for specific projects or tasks only. The demand for permanent designers may reduce in the market. However, if employers start preferring freelancers, they would have to keep a plethora of resumes of the designers who would be available at times of need.

Therefore, It is also possible that they would hire permanent resources for providing online logo design services regularly, also they could outsource a web design company on a contingent basis for clients who demand website services. There is a high possibility that companies would keep such mutual understanding in the long run as the businesses continue to run virtually.

5.    Branding and Logo Design Strategies Will Shift

As the pandemic has affected people mentally all around the globe, there would be specific behavioral changes that will affect business too. BBC, in one of its articles, discussed the changes COVID-19 would bring in our psychology. It mentions that trusting outsiders may become a significant human behavior in the post-pandemic world.

This elevated mistrust may transfer from safety reasons to a general habit, affecting how people do business over time. Therefore, logo design companies will have to focus on two aspects.

The first concern is to build a trustful client-agent relationship with the business owners, while the second aspect would be reaching to your client’s customers through brand strategies that have an element of assurance and sanitization.

As trustworthiness and safety may be the most significant part of branding strategies to minimize coronavirus’s impact over brands, many companies might look towards complete rebranding too.

Re-designing of logo designs is already becoming a trend as some companies have done to emphasize social distancing and its importance. Such strategies not only show that brands are proactive but also careful about their procedures as well, building trust for their brand among its customers.


The world will witness a considerable shift regarding how people behave and carry out business. There might be hesitation towards immigration and travel, affecting the tourism industry. However, it may revolutionize companies where digitalization is possible.

The logo design industry would be one of those businesses that may transform with regards to its operations and structure. Their survival may depend upon how quickly they opt for the new trends and sustain themselves.

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