How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business Website In 2021

Choose the Best WordPress Theme For Your Business Website

When running a business, it is essential to allocate your time wisely. Too much of your time spent on one area can lead to lost customers and a lack of profitability, so take care not to neglect the other many aspects that need tending.

One of the many tasks in running a business is managing your online presence. This can be tricky, which is why you may struggle to find a suitable theme for your needs. You may think that picking out a WordPress theme could be stressful due to all of the choices available, but it’s straightforward!

When choosing a suitable theme for your site, the following features are essential: a bundled contact form plugin that enables customers to contact you and highlight information like business name and location.

The ease of changing the appearance of your website is a good consideration if you plan to redesign it in the future.

Here, we’ve scoured the web to find several premium themes perfect for your business.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme For Your Business?

Simplicity in Design

You’ve chosen a theme because its design interests you. A lot of very flashy themes can do more harm than good. Business websites should focus on a simple and sophisticated look.

A beautiful site design doesn’t have to be complex or hard to use. A more complicated design will frustrate and confuse your users, which will hurt site performance.


Business websites should be mobile-friendly. More than 60% of Google’sGoogle’s traffic comes from mobile searches, so your website needs to look good on smaller screens as well as bigger ones.

Your choice of WordPress theme should have a responsive layout that will adapt to all different screen sizes and offer an optimized browsing experience for your users.

SEO Friendly

Another key feature to look for when choosing a theme is whether or not it’s SEO-friendly. WordPress themes can be visually appealing, but selecting a theme for your website is not only about appearance. In addition to the look of your site, you also need to consider how often it will be found in search results—or whether it will be found at all.

The majority of searchers will only look for websites on the first page of Google search results. Most people won’t scroll past the first three results, and half of all clicks are directed at those top three listings alone.

Buying a quality SEO-compliant theme can get expensive and is often out of budget for many beginning entrepreneurs.

Browser Compatibility

Another factor to consider is how the WordPress theme looks in different browsers.

Not everyone will use the same browser as you, which is why it’s important to include a wide variety of web browsers when you design your website.

When you choose your website theme, it’s important that the site works well across browsers. This will prevent broken pages in browsers not compatible with the current browser.

Modern themes are compatible across every browser to ensure an optimum browsing experience for all users.

Documentation and Support Options

Documentation and support are a must if you want to set your theme up the way you like it.

If you’re a novice, it’s best to use one of the dozens of well-documented themes available in WordPress.

Although WordPress has made designing websites easier, some find it difficult to figure out how these themes work. With a little bit of knowledge, you don’t have to rely on professionals for help. You can look through the documentation and sort things out by yourself.

The most important factor when choosing a WordPress theme is support. Although it might be frustrating to find out that the theme you want doesn’t offer good support, you are aware of this before committing and will hopefully have more luck with others. Make sure to review the reviews before you choose a WordPress theme.

Top WordPress Themes For Business

There are many WordPress multipurpose themes. We’ll look at some of the best ones for you to use to create your website.


Divi is a popular WordPress theme for business websites that comes with 100s of ready-made templates.

(Video Source: The Divi theme by Elegant Themes)

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes is a drag and drop page builder for WordPress that can also build any website. You make your changes in the intuitive front-end editor.

There are hundreds of pre-made themes that you can select from in the drag and drop builder – or you can start with a clean slate to create your own custom theme.

Divi features thematic layouts designed for mobile responsiveness and has all the features you need like galleries, a products shop, landing pages, and even social media buttons.


Astra is one of the most popular WordPress news themes for building all kinds of websites. (Astra can be used to build a blog, business website, or eCommerce store).

Astra is a well-known theme provider with extensive options for customization. You can also use their pre-built templates and import them to get started on building your website!

Astra is optimized for search engine usage. This improves the ranking of your website in Google and other search engines.


Neve is a clean, elegant business WordPress theme that offers dozens of pre-made sites you can import in one click to get your website up and to run quickly.

Neve’s Neve’s wordpress theme templates are perfect for any business, making it easy to customize your site’s header and footer.

Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro is a modern WordPress theme for businesses that offer customization, including the header.

Sydney Pro features quick navigation between pages, a social media option, and supports translation for international clients.

This theme includes all the features of the free version but with added support for Crilly sliders, five-page templates, and customization options for images. The Sydney Pro also includes 16 customizable widgets giving you greater design flexibility.

Sydney Pro features quick navigation between pages, a social media option, and supports translation for international clients.

The Gem

Depending on what type of marketing you plan to do, selecting the right WordPress theme can make a noticeable difference in your success.

Variation: Before settling on one particular WordPress template for your business website, make sure you know and understand all the potential pros and cons.

The Gem can be all-business or breezy and informal, depending on how you customize your site. The Gem is refreshing due to its informal default look, and this theme deserves your attention because of the true diamond it offers.


We hope this article helped you find the best multipurpose WordPress themes for your website. To understand more, contact a professional WordPress Web Design company; they can guide you through choosing a WordPress theme that is most suitable for your business.


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