8 Must-Know Logo Design Elements of a Successful Brand

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Every successful brand is known for a particular attribute that becomes their distinguishing factor. Such brands have a few things in common, like creativity, ability to form new perspectives and represent themselves in unique ways. They also have another thing in common: their attention to the critical logo design elements.

The logo design of a company is their identity, a visual that reminds you of them instantly. Best of the businesses worldwide have invested in innovative logo design services to create logos that hits the mark.

Customers need to be familiar with logo design of your business that they can recognize it without the brand’s name written on it. That is how all the greatest company logos in the world are designed. In this article, we will discuss the core elements that upgrades your logo design game.

The Eight Must-Know Logo Design Elements

1.   Minimalism & Simplicity

logo design elements minimal

Logo designs should be simple. It must not contain much fonts, symbols, and colors. Cluttering a logo may be the worst nightmare for any designer. Sometimes, clients do not understand the need for simplicity and feel tempted to add tons of components to the design.

That causes a messed up logo design. The target audience may not be able to understand or familiarize themselves with your logo if it contains too much for one glance. Throwing in excessive fonts or symbols can create an inconsistent and busy feel bothersome to the eye.

Your customer may end up ignoring it altogether. The brand message also does not go across through such logo designs. Therefore, you need to keep it minimal and only have enough that people can understand within seconds.

2.   Relatability

The colors and symbols that you may use in your company’s logo design should be relatable. Using yellow color for a brand that talks about nature might not feel right. Although there is no restriction in choosing a color for your logo, some things are clearly counter-intuitive.

If your brand sells lights or lamps, and you opt for a black logo, your audience may not be able to relate it with your product range.

The main task for a logo design is to create immediate understanding with your brand offerings. If there is no relevance, then the purpose may not be achieved anyhow.

3.   Scalability & Versatility

The logo design of your company has to be everywhere. From social media posts to brand collateral, the logo has to be printed, placed, and published. The best logos do not lose their essence even when they are converted into monochrome.

It must also have a design that stays visible and clear even in smaller sizes. It is one of a logo designer challenges to use optimal symbols and typography that can be seen well in all sizes. He makes sure the logo provides flexibility for any designer who has to work with it.

4.   Easy to Remember & Associate

One of the most essential logo design elements is that it must be memorable.

Logo designs that are simple and relatable are easier to remember. Clutter or gaudiness in a logo is never appreciated. As a business owner, you may be curious to have all your favorite colors, fonts, and symbols assembled into one logo. However, that is a recipe for disaster.

An easy to remember logo draws the attention of the customers and helps them retain it for longer. You may also familiarize them with your colors so much that whenever they see a similar combination, they may think of your brand.

Even when they rebrand, they ensure not to break these associations. If they change the font, the color never changes. And if a brand needs to change the color, they’d keep another component unchanged to keep the familiarity alive.

5.   Not Following Faded Trends

faded trend

Creating logos following what is ‘in’ in the market can throw your business out before you’d know.

Trends come with an expiry date and as a business owner, you would not wish to build your identity on something that will fade away quickly. Logo designs are supposed to be timeless, which is quite crucial, among other logo design elements.

The logo design of your company must look as good as it looks today, even after a decade. It has to stay relevant in the upcoming years, and it must have such qualities that make it modern yet timeless.

6.   Colors that Denote Clearly

When we see red and blue together, we mostly think of Pepsi. Yellow and red together remind us of McDonald’s, while the combination of golden and purple has become synonymous with Cadbury. These associations definitely takes time. However, it doesn’t work, if they do not stick with brand colors for so long.

7.   Has Harmony Within

Spell-binding logo designs are achieved when there is harmony within the layout. Every component of the logo must complement and enhance each other. The complete logo and its typeface, colors, shapes, and symbols have to convey one message. It has a particular target audience, and it is designed to cater to them.

There cannot be a disparity among the components. You cannot have a typeface that is adventurous & funky and pair it with symbols or colors that are dull and overly sophisticated. That may result in sending a mixed message which won’t resonate with your audience.

8.   Perfectly Proportioned

As much as we like spontaneity and uniqueness, we also like balance and proportion. Symmetry is considered beautiful, and masters having graphic designer skills know how to achieve it without making the design boring or too linear.

Apple logo is an excellent example of keeping symmetry while breaking the monotony. It follows the golden ratio while being wholly unique yet simple. A designer must experiment with new ideas however, logo design elements like consistency and symmetry must not be forgotten. That is how great designs emerge and last.


The successful branding of any business requires attention to detail. Brands need to be more careful and informed regarding the target audience they are catering to. Then they must follow these eight logo design elements that can help them create innovative and premium logo designs. The key is to create something modern yet timeless, without making it too extravagant or gaudy.

Intriguing yet straightforward logo designs have well-thought concepts backing them.

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