11 Logo design trends 2016 that you must know

11 logo design trends 2016 you must know

Logo is undoubtedly a most important part of branding process. And no brand would wish that their Logo gets outdated. Like everything, Logos also have their trends. These trends gets changed or more detailed year to year. These trends usually sets by experimenting and playing with old school and current design styles.  Each year the trend reports get posted on different design blogs. Whether you’re some designer or business owner looking to get logo design, you must be aware of latest Logo design trends. To keep you up to date, we are listing the 11 Logo design trends 2016.


These trends are based on the info and data we’ve collected from authentic sources. The example Logos in this    post are property of respective brands and we haven’t created them.

Logo design trends 2016

Overall the KISS principle is making a comeback and designers are focusing more on making Logos more simpler. The complexity in Logos is fading. So simplicity in Logo design is king again. So if you’re a designer or any business/startup, we hope that these 11 trends will help you make your brands Logo up to date.

Dynamic Color Palettes


Logo design trends 2016

The use of dynamic color palettes in Logos isn’t new. Just the way of using it is getting advanced and more detailed. This trend basically rises with full pace in 2015, when Google redesigned its Logo from solid scheme to dynamic. As Google is one of the most identifiable brand, it is likely that this trend will dominate even more.



ombre logo design trend

Ombre is a new Logo design trend that entailed from the gradient ebbing. Ombre in Logo can be achieved by completing the color transitions at a time. The sequence of color breaks in this trend helps to define edges or dimensions neatly. It is a current trend and people are preferring them over the old school gradient Logos.

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linked logo trend

The trend of merging of entities to create a linked Logo is resurfacing again in 2016. In this trend, metaphors and similes link together to increase the capabilities. These type of Logos basically built around the strength of union to express a commitment towards the concept of a brand. The linked Logo design trend 2016

Minimalism & Material


minimal material logo trends

The modern and more advanced type of flat design is minimalism. However this isn’t new but the color shades are new and more attractive. The use of material design in Logos is now becoming popular that makes this trend a hot choice for Logos this year.

Dog Eared


dog eared logo trend

The tradition of making containers of Logos is quite old. This year a new trend is rising that is similar to creating containers but in more playful manner. These shapes are basically rectangular boxes with rounded or opposite rounded corners. This Logo design trends 2016 have been named as Dog Eared. It is currently trending for the Logos tailored for business cards.

New Typographic Parameters


new typography logo trend

The rotation of typography is a trend that is resurfacing again in 2016. It is a combination of youthful and professional genre. However, this trend isn’t getting adopt much but still it is trending in the playful and viral niches. It can become more popular later in this year.



benders logo trend

The benders is a new trend that is a new improved way of ambivalent twisted chards. These elegant buoyant Logos convey the flexibility and personality of a brand. This trend is trending mostly in global industries but can adopt in different categories. Due to the remembrance, this trend will be used more often this year.



geometry logo trend

Geometry is always been a trend in design industry. This year, it is trending with a innovative style. This trend emerge the designs that are creative, minimal and knowledgeable. The breaking of texts into geometric elements creates a eye catchy design.



stimming graphic design trend

Stimming is a new trend that creates a mesmerizing look and pathway in Logos. This make the Logos more compelling and addictive. In addition to the engaging nature, this trend cause the flow to smoother the radius. Its continuous loop makes it more attractive. This trend is likely to become more popular.

Line Dash


line dashed graphic trend

The evolving of mono line Logos and the defining of grading of line have caused this trend to rise. This can be challenging but the differentiation with a dashed line is perfect here. It introduces missing textures as bonus. It mostly uses in Logos that wants to demonstrate pathways, motion, borders, transparency or invisible elements. Currently this trend is being used in fabrics and textile industry mostly but it can fit in other industries too.

Logo design tip: Try to keep it simple so it can be remembered for long time.

Negative Space


negative space logo design trend 2016

The last trend in our list of Logo design trends of 2016, is Negative space. As you already know this is not a new trend. But this year this trend is also reemerging again with new concepts. What basically negative space is that it uses a unused white/blank space and assimilate it into a Logo to deliver a “subliminal” message. FedEx’s Logo is a great example of it.

Final Words

A properly designed up to date Logo could be a great way to win customers. This modern era is all about competition and attracting consumers. So it is quite hard for a brand to stand out if it’s not updating its Logo and other graphics according to the new trends. But this doesn’t mean that you try the trend that didn’t fits your brand. Our take on this topic is that you should take Logo design inspiration from the latest trends. Whether you’re designer or a brand, this will definitely help you in keeping your Logo attractive and modern.

So what’s your take on it? Which Logo design trends 2016 you’d like to pick? Or you think we’re missing some important trends? Let us know in comments below.


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