The 5 Emerging Logo Design Trends 2018


Are you one of those people who has encountered this expression often in their lives, but not yet believes its undeniable importance? Have you ever wondered why some businesses are able to achieve tremendous success in a shorter time period while others failed to out-perform their competitors even in the long-run? You must have thought about it!

Marketers who are actively engaged in analyzing the top-notch marketing trends in the industry and keep a proactive approach towards them find it easier to out-sell their brand. There’s a ton of trends that are prevailing but the one that sheds light on the most important ongoing trend is logo designing on which our article is based.

As being a CEO of a company, it is significantly crucial to acknowledge the importance of those aspects that ignite a spark of interest among prospective customers and grab their attention to generate revenues from them. So, what is the key factor that contributes constructively to your business and to the branding of your company and should not be ignored?

That is certainly an Enthralling Logo Design…!

For any business, the most crucial aspect is their customers for whom the company offering is being targeted. Consequently, it is necessary to attract potential customers. For example, when people go through a logo design on ads or a promotional offer, it intrigues them to remember your business. It will eventually make your business stand out in the industry.

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So now let’s come to the topic. Here are the 5 most enchanting logo design trends that will most likely prevail in 2018.

5 Logo Design Trends 2018

1. Wide-spaced text

Nowadays, top growing businesses with a short name or in the absence of a logomark prefer to use large fonts with wide spacing paired with other low-key touches or fascinating fonts while keeping wide-spaced text in bold to give it a modern aspect.

2. Flat Color Overlays

With the upsurge of flat color overlays, logo designers are finding it more appealing to use the overlay technique to make their logo captivating enough for customers. It is simple geometric shapes in bright, solid colors, encrusted. The idea behind this is to create new shapes and colors through their overlapping parts while signifying its simplicity; combined with a word mark.

3. Broken Typography

The Typography has covered an extensive area to play with letters and to make an enchanting logo design. With the proliferation of creativity, break your letters in an unconventional way to give your brand a subtle meaning. You can shatter B’s or straight letters to build arrow and portray the growth of your brand in a unique way. It’s the fastest growing logo design trend in 2018.

4. Symmetrical Letters

Patterns and iterations omit the chance of replication. Usage of simple sleek letters has now become obsolete. You can use geometric letters in a modern way to ignite the audience interest and attention towards your brand. It also signifies homogeneity and affinity in your branding element.

5. Animated Logos

In the year of 2018, utilization of moving designs have become the hottest trend; grabbing the attention of viewers globally. All you need to do is to play puzzle with your logo. Begin with crafting GIFS of your logos. Substitute and alter tagline, object or text in the GIF. The reason behind its popularity is its undoubtedly amazing effect that lures customers and brings entertainment for them.

To recapitulate, with the fast-paced evolution of technology, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends of logo design in order to take your business to new heights and to multiply your potential customers.

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We hope that you found these logo design trends 2018 worth inspiring. Share it and let me know in comments below if you need any help regarding your logo in order to build your brand identity that leaves a legacy behind. Thank you!


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