5 Ways to Design Most Appealing Mascot Logos

mascot logo design procedure

We all know that the logo design of a business is what makes the first impression. It is the first and foremost thing that the customers generally interact with. Also, we consider brands as a person that provides solution or fulfills need of the customer. And what would help brands connect with the customer more than mascot logos?

Mascot logo designs are made of characters derived from humans, animals, or objects that have particular importance. Brands must hire logo design services carefully as creating a mascot logo is a highly tough process. As we discuss mascot logo designs for brands, the question that may arise here is, if every brand can have one? Well, the answer is Yes.

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And we have plenty of examples to prove it, which will be discussed later in the article as we are going to discuss ways to create the most appealing mascot logos. Let’s dive in.

Ways to Design Mascot Logos

Creating a mascot logo design can be a fun process. It’s like designing a brand ambassador that will represent the business in the most exciting ways. However, the best part is that these mascots later become the foundation for building brand stories that customers remember for a longer time than one can imagine.

The impact of logos that customers can connect with is priceless. However, it is not an easy job to pull off an excellent mascot logo. If it fails, the brand becomes a joke. Such fails can be avoided if we are careful about certain elements and following the right process.

1. Start with Defining Your Brand Personality

define brand personality

Whether you are creating a logo design, brand communication, or merely choosing fonts for designs, the brand’s personality must be a priority. Start with defining what the brand is like. The easiest way to go about this is to imagine what the brand would seem like if it was a real person.

There are different kinds of brand personalities like sincere, excited, rugged, competent, and sophisticated. However, these types are just the basics to get you started. Once you decide on where the brand falls within these five categories, you can build on it for further clarity. A brand may have two types of personalities overlapping at the same time. We can have a brand personality that is rugged and competent.

Understanding the brief provided by the client works as a guiding compass at this step. And brainstorming with your teammates help you bring the client brief into a meaningful reality.

However, make sure that the defined target audience will be able to connect with the mascot you are attempting to create.

2. Sketch the Personality in the Form of a Character

sketching brand personality

As the brand personality becomes clear through discussion and brainstorming, you may start sketching what you have come up with. At this point, you may have to choose whether the mascot will be in human form, an animal, or an object.

You may choose depending on the product or service that brand offers. Again, the brand personality has a huge role to play here as well.

Mascot logo in Human Form

There are lots of examples of mascot logo designs that are based on human characters. The most famous of these logos are KFC’ Colonel Sanders, McDonald’s Clown, and you must have predicted it by now, Wendy’s little girl.

Although, all these mascot logos are from fast-food restaurants, it does not mean other brands didn’t have any. Other examples include Quaker Oats and Mr. Clean.

If you are promoting a particular individual, public figure, or freelancer, human mascots are the best to go with.

Mascot Logo in Animal Form

If your client’s product or service associates with a particular animal, you can easily opt for it as the mascot. For example, if the product is poultry, a hen may work as the mascot.

Animals are also used to show a certain characteristic of the brand. Like the Jaguar was used in the Jaguar automobile logo to signify power, performance, and the ambition to leap forward.

Also, if you want to add a fun and friendly element to the brand, you can choose an animal as the character. Who knew HostGator would represent the alligator so well? Not only that, it does the job, but it is quite famous among the target audience. It was indeed a smart move to add fun to an otherwise technical and boring service.

Mascot Logo Designs from Objects

Sometimes, brands wish to emphasize their product in the mascot logo. And that makes perfect sense. What’s the better way of retaining the product, brand, and its logo in the customers’ mind all at the same time?

The best mascots derived from objects that we want to mention here are M&Ms, Pringles, and Mr. Peanuts. These are food mascot logos, but it is possible for other products to represent their brands as mascot characters too.

3. Choose Suitable Colors and Graphic Design Techniques

color variety

If you deal the initial two steps with the depth and attention they demand, the rest of the process sets its own flow. Once you are sure of the brand personality, choosing the right colors does not remain that much of a task.

However, you may not take this element for granted. Choosing the right colors and design techniques can make or break your logo. Sometimes, the client comes to you with their mind already made up. They know which colors they want you to use and the detailing they are looking for.

You have to make sure these two aspects do not mess with the logo concept that you have built.

4. Pick the Right Style & Look for the Logo

decide on choosing logo

You may also make sure of the look the finished logo design may have. Are you working towards creating a vintage logo design, or is it going to have a modern and minimalistic feel? You might also want to decide if it will be a 3D logo or a flat one.

There are several inspirations available in all types of mascot logo designs that you can find online easily. Look for these examples and choose what suits your client’s business the best.

5. Be Careful about Scalability

scaling and sizing

A mascot logo must be scalable in terms of design and relatability on different platforms. Also, as we discussed earlier, mascot logos are a great way to build brand stories. Our favorite example is M&M’s set of mascots. They have created some exciting commercials that revolve around the M&M’s characters.

Mascot logo designs can be highly scalable and can build brand awareness far better than any other type of logo.


Mascots can prove to become some really cool logos. Chester Cheetah, WWF’s Panda, and McDonald’s clown are some great examples. Any brand can opt for mascot logos regardless of the product or service they offer. The key is to deeply analyze the brand personality, sketch a character, and bring it into reality with colors and design details. If you follow the process with attention and creativity, you can get quite impactful and long-lasting results.


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