11 Modern Logo Design Ideas

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Modern logo design has taken the design industry to a more simpler mode. Here the things are simple and clear. The time-taking methods of adding too much details or making the logos complex isn’t the thing that is acceptable here. In simple words, keeping the logos minimalist is the right thing in this type of logo.

It’s a fact that every smart entrepreneur and business owner do some research before opting for a logo design. So today, we are sharing the hand-picked collection of 11 minimal logo design ideas for inspiration.

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Modern Logo Design Ideas

Before we list the logos, first let us explain you a bit about modern or minimalist logos.

Minimalism is, getting rid of useless things from your life. In logo designing, minimalist can be described as focusing on what required to put in the logo and stay away from unnecessary things. Minimalist logos are the combination of text with straightforward fonts and little bit graphical work.

The font of a modern logo is lack any decorations. It helps to enhance the flexibility of the design, and it can be recognizable. It is quite simple in design. For example Google logo, it is a very simple in design. It is just a text but can catch eyes quickly of the viewer. Another one is IBM Plaza in Chicago and House Grange Gorman.

Below are the 11 logos that are modern and minimal.

logo of foot beauty pedicure clinic

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Modern art shows that we are living in a technological world. Where your brand needs a successful business. Modern logo design includes bright and attractive colors combination, more graphical in design and amazing font texts. Every product needs a logo to identify itself. For example, every application on the computer desktop has its icon to make it more presentable. Another one is computer games; each game has a different logo to show what kind of game it is. That is all from our side. We hope that you found this post useful and worth sharing. Thank you.


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