5 Proven Tips For Beginning Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

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There’s a lot of value in getting started earlier or on time for holiday marketing campaigns. No matter if you’re a startup, small business or some large scale business, it brings the same amount of value on doing it right way. Considered as one of the biggest selling season for many businesses, the holiday season is the best time to offer special discounts, offering, packages, attending events and increasing the overall brand awareness before the new year kick off. There’s no extra time for preparing or planning long stuff and it’s time to take action. Here are the 5 proven tips for beginning your holiday marketing campaign.

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Proven Tips For Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

According to the business reports, the holiday season sales shares a substantial amount in total sales. There are some proven ways to capitalize on this. These proven ways or tips have a history of making campaigns successful in recent years. These are the tips that works. Just you need a proper dedication and implementation to get fruitful results in this holiday season.

  1. Recheck your web presence and decorate it. In this holiday season, when you market your products or services, a large number of visitor influx is expected on your website and social media profiles. So be sure to conduct a quality control check on them. Make sure all the business information you have on these sources are accurate. Also change the profile pictures and covers of social media profiles according to the holiday. Design attracting banners for your website and don’t forget to change the web theme accordingly.
  2. Offer special discounts, deals and create separate packages. Consider your current offerings and cut them down accordingly to offer special discounts and deals. Be sure to offer even more discounts and deals than your competitors. Also review your pricing, bundles or packages and create a separate package just for targeting the users on particular holiday. This hack tends to be sale more than the normal packages of your business.
  3. Do free & paid social media marketing. Everyone aware of the power of social media and how it is shaping the new era of business. Recognize which social media platforms are your business friendly like for most of the businesses, Facebook works like a charm. Now start with basic social media marketing tactics and post strategically in related groups, communities and pages. Publish at least five posts per day on your business profiles. Hunt for related tweets and people on twitter and start tweeting – retweeting to them. Now shift towards paid advertising on social media platforms. Curate perfect pitching posts or photos and start paid boosting campaign on Facebook with a lower budget. Check insights for better targeting. If not getting desired results, try other networks for advertising.
  4. Provide buy one, get one free offers. Well who doesn’t know these deals? We see it everywhere. Now you’d be wondering that what’s new in it? Well there’s no new thing in it. BUT these BOGO deals are rocking the business space since day one and they still works. There’s a lot of advantages of it and the primary one is that it initiates the humanizing marketing on its own. That resulted in 2x more sales in holiday season.
  5. Take a look at your email list and add more emails in it. If you’re some online business then you should have the email list of your customers and visitors. Now just use some clean designed targeted email opt-ins and popups to gather more emails. You can also search for related blogs, forums and resources to get more emails. BUT make sure that the emails that you pick from these resources are correct and accurate. Now build a concentrated, strong and targeted email marketing campaign filling it with holiday related fonts, images and offers. You’ll be targeting your customers mostly so focus on them more instead of focusing on internet gathered emails. Email inboxes going to be saturated in holiday season but it still works and give some boost to sales.

Every holiday season brings these opportunities but it’s all about how you grab these before your competition. The sales in this season may be less for some businesses but for many of businesses out there, it’s a great way to close year profit on a high note.

So what are your waiting for?

Take advantage of this holiday season and start implementing the above tips right now!


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