Restaurant Logo Design Inspiration For Restaurateurs


The signature marks and colors are the two things that matter most when you’re designing a logo in the industry like Food & Beverages. In this post, we’ll share some restaurant logo design inspirations with their explanations.

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Creating a creative design concept helps set a restaurant apart from all the restaurants. You can imagine German-inspired beer halls as opposed to a regular public offering beers on tap. Their aim is to give patrons a distinct experience and menu. Keep target market in mind if you want to give your restaurant a concept or story that rise customer’s feelings.

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Have an eye over the designs below and closely examine the factors or elements that are making them looks elegant and successful.

Restaurant Logo Design Inspiration

  • Litlles bites
    Littles Bites restaurant logo design
  • Chicagos


  • La Touche De Provence

    la touche logo

  • Big Fish Logo
    bigfish logo
  • Shushi Today

    shushi today restaurant logo

  • Amavelda

    amavelda logo design

  • Fish Food (unused concept)

    Fish Food Logo



The Colors That Works In Restaurant Logos

Unique color also helps us to feel hungry. Warm colors like, red and orange make our hunger utilized in stimulate the appetite. Mostly Fast Foods restaurants are dominated by red color. For example: MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Burger King. It is not a coincidence, there’s a color psychology behind it.

Remember when you design a logo or get it designed for a restaurant, it should be simple and distinctive. Customers can identify it easily. It should convey the essence of the restaurant and cuisine serve there.

A logo design for a restaurant is necessary to advertise it in public. It can inspire people to know about the restaurant and what delicious items/cuisines are they offering to eat. People can recognize the restaurant quickly by seeing its logo. It is a brilliant way to attract customers towards restaurants.

That is it and we hope that this restaurant logo design inspiration post will help you in brainstorming the ideas. Be sure to comment your thoughts below. Thank you.


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