05 PRO Tips To Design a Circular Logo That Harmonizes Your Brand

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Designing an iconic circular logo for your brand can be exciting but it can also be nerve-wracking. One poor design and your business image can be ruined, despite of all the time and money you have invested in branding. The shape of your logo holds the incredible power to boost your brand recognition while helping your target audience recall your brand whenever they come across your logo. Therefore, you cannot risk the chance to create a solid first impression on your audience.

In this post, I’m going to reveal the 5 certain to succeed tips we’ve practiced to design a circular logo that deserves the round of applause. The good news is after reading this post you’ll get a clear picture of how you should be starting working on your logo. In case of time constraints, you can get your logo designed from a professional design agency who offers value-based custom logo design services.

Know your audience

The better you know your audience the better you will be able to create a logo that deeply aligns with your audience preferences. You have to research first the nature of your business and the type of logo that will work best in your industry. There are different types of logos and you have to look for the one that compliments your branding efforts as a whole. Create a brief that includes all the relevant details related to the design you are looking forward to whether circular or any other logo type. A design brief would help you out in focusing on the targeted elements that you want to highlight in your logo. Below are some of the key points you need to ensure before you start working on the project.

  • Reason behind the logo creation
  • Market you are dealing with
  • Research your target audience
  • Design end-result expectations
  • Message you want to convey

Once you are done with the above steps it’s now right time to get started with your logo design project.

Keep it short & crisp

When creating a logo the most important aspect is to check how your logo appears when placed on social media profile, branded stationary and favicon. You have to aim for a design that looks visibly clear and distinct across all branding channels. The takeaway is to avoid negative space as much as possible so that you can achieve a good design that helps your audience better recall your brand. If you’re using a horizontal text in a circular logo than it is recommended that the company name would be maximum between one to five characters. If it exceeds the character limit then you should go for initials or acronyms in the circle. This way you can better keep your logo short and captivating enough to entice viewers.

Maintain brand consistency

To strengthen your brand recognition, it is imperative to seek for brand consistency while creating a logo for your business. If you want to add wordmark in your logo next to the circle monogram, you have to maintain the same typeface to fortify your brand recall. Also, you need to put extra efforts into selecting the precise typeface as it will have an influence on the monogram of your logo.

Design experts recommend to use clear-cut typefaces in your monogram rather than a slim typeface in a circle that is not visibly clear after scaling down. As that will make your logo unfunctional. Your brand’s logo will be placed on all your brand items therefore you need to be careful designing your logo as to maintain the consistency of your brand. As a good design is one that helps the audience to instantly remember what market offering your brand offers just by seeing the logo of your brand.

Establish visual hierarchy

To design a circular logo, you first need to have a clear outlook to what elements you want to have as part of your logo. The most common mistake designers make is they try to merge several features to cover the empty space which only gives an indication of a poor design. The idea is to effectively manage the space to have a strategic visual hierarchy that outshines. You can create curved-text, geometrics shape, minimal and modern circular logos depending on how you want your logo to look like. With a visual hierarchy, you can best make use of different elements and achieve the most sophisticated look.  Remember a circular logo can help you portray harmony, completion and wholeness.

Take inspiration from ideas

Designing a logo for your new venture needs a lot of groundwork. You can get creative flow of circular logo ideas by checking out some first-rate circular logos. As it will help you to examine what aspects you need to put into practice to digitize a circular logo design and to decide whether you should go for circular logos for your business or not. For instance, Starbucks, Nivea, Pinterest, BMW, LG, Danone, Volkswagen, Pepsi etc. are some out of many amazing circular logos to get inspiration from. Circular logo designs comes in diversified variation depending on how you want your logo to look like. For instance, most popular circular shapes are ring, solid, segmented ring, round composition etc. With these shapes you can best utilize circle effectively as part of your logo design.

Wrapping up

Circular shape of logo design have always been the center of attraction for top-tier brands globally. Are you paying enough attention to how important your logo is in conveying the intended message to your audience? Just because a specific type of logo appeals to your vision, doesn’t imply that it will resonate with your audience as well. Finding a logo design that unifies every aspect of your brand is the most useful advice you can ever implement while designing logo for your brand. By using the above-mentioned five sure-fire tips in this post, you’ll get a clear idea of how you can best utilize circular logos for your brand. You will also get some practical insights into how you can best design a circular logo for your business to stay competitive.

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