Top 11 Clothing Logos For Your Next Design Inspiration


Imagine you are all set to start your business in the clothing industry. But, found yourself confused about where to get ideas for clothing logos. To help you out, we have hand-picked 11 amazing clothing logos of renowned brands for you to get creative ideas.

You can design a clothing logo on your own if you have that professional expertise. Besides, you can also consult with a graphic design agency to get online logo design services based on your niche.

We all know this, yet brand owners keep striving when creating a custom clothing logo for their startup. In the clothing industry, the competition is relatively tough. And, you need to come up with a clothing logo design that helps your business build an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

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Why Need A Clothing Logo?

As in the clothing industry, trends come and go, but the style remains forever. And as a brand, you need to create a striking visual identity that makes your business memorable. Here in this post, I am sharing some top-tier clothing brand logos for you to get inspiration. An impactful logo design attracts the audience, builds business identity and helps you project a professional image of your company.

Let’s check 11 top-notch clothing logos to help you get inspiration for your next design project.



Adele Fendi and Eduardo established an Italian fashion house by the name of Fendi in the year 1925. The brand is worldwide famous for apparel, handbags, and other high-end luxury stuff.  Besides, the Fendi logo design is a creative combination of two “F’s”.

The one “F” is upright and the other one is upside down. This particular wordmark is in capital letters and makes use of Helvetica font. It is in black specifically to represent the elegance, supremacy, and prestige of the fashion accessories.

Calvin Klein


A reputable fashion designer from the United States crafted a minimalistic logo for its brand. The Calvin Klein logo design uses the three different colors that are black, white and grey. The font of Calvin Klein is of Futura typeface written just beneath the symbol of “CK”.

Also, they make use of all three colors for the different lines of goods. For example, gray color is for regular clothes, white color is used for sportswear items and black is for the Haute Couture segment.

It is the minimalist logo design that is used to portray as an acronym to the full name of the company. The simple wordmark represented the brand name in the capital fonts with the use of a black and white palette.

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Top-quality clothing, footwear, leather goods, and other fashion accessories are what sums up the Lacoste French clothing company. The logo of the company represents a green crocodile that is to portray its visual identity of the brand.

Rene Lacoste was a world-famous tennis player. And the company name comes up from the surname of the brand founder. The company manufactures high-end tennis shirts. The logo of Lacoste is reputable as a commercial emblem symbol with green color and white dots along with red mouth.

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Hermes Paris


A duke carriage and a horse are what constitute the logo of Hermes Paris in the aesthetic orange color. It is different and unique from most of the other logos. As it represents creativity, supreme power along with avant-gardism.

Hermes is a French brand who make use of horse carriage picture in their logo specifically to showcase their journey of starting as a manufacturer of a horse saddle. It is one of the great examples of clothing logos.

The logo comes into being in the year of 1950s. The brand’s logo got an authoritative edge because of its design of the logo in orange. It is a high-end brand that fashion enthusiasts have globally known for its luxury goods.



The logo of Chanel was originated by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and it is well famous for its high-end haute-couture fashions worldwide.

The logo of Chanel makes an interlocking ‘CC’ logo design which was designed by Coco Chanel in the year of 1925. The Chanel logo is timeless and displays in a black color which is a symbol of luxury, wealth and elitism.

The corporate name of Chanel serves as an icon of elegance in the international fashion industry. The interlocking C’s with opposite letters is quite a bold design that leaves a striking impression on the people.



A prominent Italian fashion brand established by Gianni Versace. The logo has a Medussa’s head which is a Greek mythological figure. The reason why Gianni Versace selects a Medusa for the logo is that she was well-known to make people fall in love with the beauty of her.

And the same they wanted from people to inspire with their brand. They wanted to make their logo a symbol of authority, beauty and to make people fall in fascination with the brand so they have chosen Medussa. All these aspects are the most important attributes of their company.

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Burberry is quite a famous brand known for its top-of-the-line clothes, fashion accessories and perfumes. It is a famous British fashion house.

Burberry has its unique patterns of crisscrossed vertical and horizontal bands in a variety of colors. The logo is an indication of honor and nobleness.

Whereas, the black color demonstrates longevity, strength, and authenticity. The logo itself shows a knight who is riding on a horse and holding a shield in his hand. Burberry logo is powerful enough to give the brand an edge of being classy and simple.

Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton is a famous fashion brand in Paris, France. The logo of Louis Vuitton showcases an interlocking “L and “V” representing a monogram. It was designed by Georges Vuitton, the son of Louis in the year 1896 as a way to brand his business of luggage.

The monogram in Louis Vuitton logo is quite unique as it makes use of an italicize serif letter “L” which is set a bit to the left. But, the base holds a capital letter “V”.

The design of this logo gets inspiration from a Japanese-inspired flower and now as a gesture of luxury and brilliance in the fashion industry. The logo portrays an elite expression of power and money as the brand’s fashion items are in use by top celebrities.



The Gucci logo design is famous in the fashion industry for its high-end leather goods. Its logo is simple and unique. Its design is to display the brand’s virtues of being graceful, stylish, and portraying a lavish taste in clothing.

The logo consists of a double letter “G” that represents the brand’s owner name Guccio Gucci. The initials in this logo create an interesting mark by making it overlap from the middle.

The Gucci logo is like a monogram that combines two letters to make it look interesting. Also, the monogram of Gucci is symmetrical in shape and by that, it means you can flip the two-part easily to get one. The Gucci logo design is well-recognizable in the top clothing brand logos.

Hugo Boss


Hugo Ferdinand Boss was the name behind the most popular and elite fashion brand. It has the simplest logo in white and black color. Hugo Boss logo design is on its company name. The black and white colors portray the brand’s excellence and sophisticated style.  It comprises a formal lettering style which makes the logo simple and stylish.



The Nike logo design is the iconic one due to its simple yet unique swoosh design. Nike’s logo is to keep the brand’s value proposition of delivering quality goods globally strong. Moreover, swoosh in the logo design represents speed and motion.

This brand logo serves to be the strongest branding visual. Its tagline is also communicating a message – Just do it. It was first to come into being in the year 1964 by the name of Blue Ribbon Sports.

Are You Inspired With These Clothing Logos?

The fashion industry is the most competitive as every now and then new arrivals are coming and fashion preferences are constantly evolving. But, when it comes to custom clothing logos, top-notch brands have not been in the practice of redesigning their logo for the clothing business.

They are more likely to keep their logo the same so as to build a timeless emotional connection with their audience. If you are planning to start a clothing business, this post will help you take inspiration from top-notch clothing brand logos for your very next clothing logo design.





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