8 Must Try Upsell Ideas For Logo Designers


This article is worthy for you if you are looking for tried and tested upsell ideas for logo designers in order to gain trust of your clients.

Being a logo designer is an intensely demanding job. Every new day, you have to secure new projects, work on them and then deliver the final work to the client. It is an incredibly fulfilling job in which you have to go through with a lot of revisions and criticism also. Nothing feels great than completing a project with a fully satisfied client.

If you are a smart logo designer, it’s obvious that you will complete the project in the first go as long as your client is not a terrible one. Your dedication and credibility can get you a chance to work with your clients again in the future. Still, when it comes to adding the revenue of their previous work, there is something that a lot of logo designers and professionals have to overlook.

And what’s that? That’s upselling. Yes, the following are the top Upsell ideas for logo designers to must try for a quick boost to their revenues.

Recurring Work:

One of the holy grails for logo designers and freelancers is recurring work. You need to work smartly. Get to know what exactly you will be making and how many clients you can retain every month can be very satisfying. A professional logo designer can do this task perfectly.

Typically you are not required to do the recurring work in logo designing. If you have complete the logo designing and the final files are delivered to your clients that means it is the end of revenue. So, being a logo designer you will have to be more creative to build recurring revenue in your business.

Promoting Upsell Ideas For Logo Designers Through Logo Variants

One of the simplest upsell ideas a logo designer can offer is the logo variations. Once you have completed designing the logo for your client, now the possibility is that you can be asked for minor alterations in your work.

Upsell Ideas For Logo Designers

Don’t stress. Even the perfect logos sometimes require alterations. Whether you are asked for the icon version of larger logos, or just the Pantone and grayscale versions, variations are one of the best ways to get extra revenue from your client. And that is how you can charge extra to your client by the use of a few variations.

The Use Of Sub Logos:

Apart from the variations, creating sub-logos for your clients can also be a great upsell idea for logo designers. Creating a sub logo for your client can help you generate a little more revenue for your project.

Sub logos are the logos that have slight changes and additions that are based on the use your customer has for them.

Social Images:

Undoubtedly, social media has entirely changed the way how we used to think about logos. Today, there is not a single business that does not have a Twitter page, an Instagram, or a Facebook account with its updated business logo.

You can now get the logo design inspiration from social media. Yes, it has become a great way to boost up your revenue by creating great logo designs for the businesses that demand logos for their social media accounts as well.

Full Branding Packages:

Another good way to get a successful future in logo designing is by creating a full branding package. Logo rebranding can also be a great way to boost up your career. If you are not satisfied with your previous logo designs, now you can create a completely new design for your company.

This will tell your customers that you are now ready to reach new heights of success and will let them hire you for designing their business logos.

Print Design Ideas:

One of the most significant upsell ideas for a logo designer is the print design materials. By printing material I mean the letterhead, business cards, merchandising material, signage, and much more.

When you design a logo for a client, remember that it is just the first step to their journey. The next step is the printing of the logo that required some good materials to make a start. Since logo designing is a great way of passive income for graphic designers, therefore you must do it efficiently. Try to do the printing work yourself. If not, hire another person and share revenue with that person. That’s another upsell ideas for logo designers must be aware of.

Style Guide:

Another appealing upsell to tie into your logo designing project is the style or usage guide. In case if you are designing a logo for a huge company, then preferring the style guide option is a great one.

You can create a large style guide to go with your logo. It could be a simple style guide consisting of one or two pages. But the benefit of creating a style guide is that you can easily charge your client an extra payment for the style guide you have provided with the logo.

Additional Rights:

Remember that you own 100% of the work you have done for your client. It is your intellectual property. Even if your client has paid you for the work, still you own the creative rights to it.

Depending on which conditions the contract has been drafted between your client and you, upselling your client on additional copyright can be a perfect idea.



The above described upsell ideas for logo designers are one of my most tried upselling ideas. These upselling ideas are one of the best ways to boost your career in logo designing. Especially, if you are a freelancer, you must follow these steps to help boost your career and generate extra revenue.


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