Vintage Logo Design: Viable Tips, Inspiration, And Trends

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Did you know why entrepreneurs persist to make their brand momentous and memorable enough for prospective audience? The ultimate aim that businesses aspire to achieve is to create an iconic logo – one symbol that says it all. Evidently, vintage logo design is on the edge of glory due to which it has gain prestige in the creative market. We have all tremendously witnessed how businesses who were once at the inception stage now progressively booming towards becoming a global thrill like McDonald’s, BMW, Coke etc. Are you mesmerized with creative ideas but struggling to incorporate it effectively in your brand? If yes, then this article will enable you to know how you can artistically add vintage touch in your logo.

Basics of Vintage Logo Design

If you ever caught yourself contemplating, how you can create a custom logo design by deploying vintage element? Then you do not need to stress over it anymore. Since, primary rules of cunning a trademark are not so difficult. The foremost thing that you should meticulously ponder upon is the intended message that you want to illustrate to your target audience precisely when they come across your brand. Once you are well aware of these facets, you will be certain about visual representation of your brand. For creating a vintage logo design, start with jotting down abstract elements that you would like to portray.

Secondly, you need to perform a rigorous research on the niche that you have planned to serve. It will entail acquiring in depth awareness of trends that are currently in and how they can be employed into a unique contemporary design while still signifying a robust message that resonates with your audience. Regardless of the fact that you are using software or getting your design build by a designer, the basic application will not change but you need to be well aware of the themes and symbols you use.

Here I will be sharing the key elements that you need to keep in mind while creating a vintage logo design.

Choose Color Scheme Wisely

Since the theme circulates around the color palette that you have chosen, it is extremely important to select the right color, as it will have a significant impact on the message that you would like to represent to your audience. The color scheme must be artistic and exquisite enough so that it strikingly triggers your audience towards your brand. In case you run out of creativity, you can check websites who are continuously posting blogs pertaining to logo inspiration.

The key is to explore and comprehend the psychology behind colors as each color evokes a distinct emotion and have a strong ascendency on people and how they react when they are exposed to certain stimuli. Once you are well aware of the color theory you will be able to make smart and effective decisions about your palette. To illustrate, yellow color reflects warmth and friendliness, blue exhibits trust and credibility, red portrays boldness so on and so forth. You choose color depending on the message that you thrive to deliver.

Nevertheless, a certain twirl makes the theme noticeable and striking. For instance, if we look at the retro styles of ones that were used in the year 1960 and 1970 the colors deployed are more likely to be bright and shocking as shown below.

vintage logo design example

In case you want to represent the vibes of the year 1920, then you may select comparatively soft and dull colors that seemingly border on pastel shades.

northwest logo 1920

Be Specific While Selecting Fonts

Selecting best logo fonts is an extremely challenging errand for which you need to pay heed towards as it has the incredible power to make or break your theme. We often give huge significance to the colors and images in graphic designs. However, fonts are equally crucial to acknowledge. The fact that most of the iconic emblems are primarily based on typography design. That implies if it entails your business name then its success depends on the selection of fonts.

You need to employ fonts that portray a vintage feel while assuring that your font is not typical to read. Make sure that the font you choose is not too messy or dull and must exhibit bold typography. However, you can make it slightly cursive while fostering retro vibe. Deploy cursive font names and antique fonts to make your logo more appealing yet enthralling enough to catch the viewer’s eye. Here are some of the popular typefaces that can instantly make your vintage logo design stand out from the competition:

Motherline Font

motherline fonts by letterhend studio

Hemingwar Font

hemingwar-fontStiquez Font


Jibril Font

Jibril font example

Atara Font

Atara font example

The above-mentioned fonts are only few examples from which you can derive inspiration. However, there are endless fonts that you can explore if you decide to dive deeper into the research of vintage themes.

Incorporate Details

To enhance the charm of your brand, you need to add certain elements that are classy along with the application of scratch filter to make the view as faded. Moreover, you can also make your design attractive by executing tones of sepia or you can just play with colors for instance, black and white coexisted with some dazzling colors gives a great impression.

Vintage Logo Trends

No matter whether you are in dire need of creating a logo for your newly launched brand or randomly looking for some ideas, the thing that you need to know is what trend is prevailing in the market that sparks off your target audience and what is not. You have ample options ranging from circle, to badge or in extreme cases modern shapes. Although, it is not necessary that each style work for your brand too therefore we have gathered some of the top-notch vintage logo design trends that can help you in deriving inspiration to kick start your design.

Badge Style

At the crust of layouts, the badge concept fits the best. The designers generally aim for a pleasant, straightforward shape that can be imprinted at any place and on anything. For these badges, the most famous prevailing shape is of Circles that have been loved by many, yet you will additionally discover a lot of hexagons, shields and jewels.

badge sty;e logo

Hand Drawn Style

If we look at the mid-20th century, it ended up marvelous for things to be production line made, however today handmade stuff has returned into style. Hand-lettering and hand-drawn representations conjointly move together with this pattern. This allows the designer to exhibit their imaginative gifts. To put it plainly, the hand-drawn or hand-lettered has a genuine feel to it, and a feeling of selectiveness; this obviously made by an artisan.

hand drawn logo

Industrial Style

If we put a glance at mid-20th century designs, we will encounter that designs were quite simple with the absence of gradients, feathered shadows or 3D facet but still they have artistically managed to exhibit bold visual statements. For instance, the graphical icons that tremendously used in that era were hammers, axes, wrenches, and factories which instantly drawn tech savvy generation to certain visuals that reminisce about industrial revolution. In contrast, today we are more likely to experience that brand specialist are inclined to represent virtual world rather than an abstract sense. Designers aspire to reflect back on the industrial revolution while highlighting simple tools and images.

industrial style

Typography & Borders Style

No matter whatever the design is typography is the most significant element. In designing enthralling facet, reflective thought in employing borders is extremely important. Artistic designers can employ certain borders to set off prominent areas or outline a photo or identification contingent upon how fancy a fringe is and which hues are deployed, the border can itself make or break the design. Most of the times typography and borders if used appropriately can instantly give a feel that you as a brand aim to achieve.

Land and Sea Style

Vintage logo design often highlights animal with antlers for instance, deer, moose etc. If it has an antler, the design is preferably in. This simultaneously goes with the outdoor trends particularly referring, types that illustrate, mountains, trees etc. In addition to that, marine themes are extremely famous as well as including anchors, fish and ropes make some of the most eye-captivating graphical elements.

Coffee and Alcoholic Drinks Style

There is a fact that few things will never go out of demand, and among them, there is individuals never-ending fondness for coffee and bear. For excellent art subject, these two liquids play a crucial role. Since majority people in the past possesses a natural likeness for these two liquids.

Victoriana Style

This particular style is exalted by the ornamental art of Victorian period, keeping the fact in mind that the Victoria period last for almost 60 years, and it can be achieved by implanting diversified designs. Graphic designers translate the style of Victoriana by employing Circus style typefaces, heavy text layouts to imitate Victorian posters or the incorporation of military elements like medals or uniforms, similar to the one exhibited below.

Why Vintage Design?

If we carefully look at mid- century, you will get to know how vintage designs are widely famous for its potential to take complex concepts and filter into most simple visual forms. Consequently, it endures to be the most favorite of top graphic designers since it serves to be a personification of graphic with its bold yet facile visual style. You must pondering over that it is similar to what a modern design looks like but the only thing that distinguishes is the retro vibe it reflects.

Here we have spotted light on some of the best vintage logo design ideas and tips that can help you in artistically creating one for your brand, as they are the ones which never goes out of style. You can derive inspiration from this guide as well as get ideas to impersonate various styles to exhibit the qualities of nostalgia, perception of age and visual style. There are incredible ways through which you can employ themes and procedures to create a design that will make your business stand out from the competition. The good part is these are versatile and are more focused on what the consumer actually wants. In case of small businesses, style simply serves as a game changing tool. If you come across clients who are willing to have a trendy and famous brand mark, then you can use these ideas.

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