06 Creative Website Banner Ideas to Win New Customers

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If you are a marketer or business owner then you require latest marketing strategies. Choosing a suitable marketing tool seems daunting sometimes because of its variety. Business cards, website banners, logos, are some of the tools used to promote your brand.

In this era, your business is incomplete if you don’t have a responsive website for your business. By having an optimized website, chances of driving potential audience to your website becomes easy with increased number of conversions.

Your website design is incomplete until you have a creative website banner, you should look for website banner ideas before designing a website.

Designing a website banner is no more a problem because professional branding agency are there to help with unlimited website banner ideas.

Banners are important because they appear at the top of your website, so they need to be attractive visually. It should be striking because it can leave a good impression on new customers. According to Google, banner ads has great chances of increased visitors and convert them into winning customers.

Therefore, we have made a collection of some creative website banners that will surely give your website a great start.

Disclaimer: All the website banners that are mentioned below are picked from the web. We do not own them or have any sort of connection.

06 Creative Website Banner Ideas

Banners are designed by using fonts, colors, and symbols creatively, they share a great deal in advertising our products and services.

1.   Simple Banners

simple website banner ideas

Every so often, the simplest design works best, they convey your message quickly and directly.

In the above advertising banner there’s a dark background color/theme and the font color resembles their brand logo.

Many businesses use simple and traditional website banner ideas when there was no enhanced tool available. But now the simple design is used because it gives an innovative and cool look to banners.

Going simple can save you from any design hacks, they benefit the advertising idea of your company. It also depends on your business type or your target customers, if you are a part of traditional industry then your simple banner works best.

Simple banners are hassle-free they can fit any industry or any type of advertising. Profoundly industries like law, consultancy, banking, or education likely to go with simple banners

2.   Banners with CTA

banners with call to action

When the purpose of your website is only to facilitate your customers without any high designing, all you do is creating a banner with Call to action. This is one of the best website banner ideas to create when you have offers and something interesting to attract customers.

These banners are simply the form of an invitation to customers from the website that play a major role in calling out customers.

3.   Website banners that play with colors

website banner ideas with colors

Either you are designing your brand logo, creating a responsive website design or you want website banner, color is the most winning tool. If you are aware of correct color psychology then you are good to go for inspiring designs.

Colors let you entail feelings and a message in your design, once you get to know the real meaning behind colors you can generate several website banner Ideas.

4.   Banners That Look Real with Animation

We know that moving objects or pictures are eye-catching and when they are part of your website banner it adds value to it.

Animated banner gives a lively look and fit with trending website exposures, for winning customers it’s a new experience. Including an animation effect in your design makes your business stand out.

5.   Photo-Based Banners

Photos are the sign of authenticity in the marketing aspect, they create a sense of reliability among customers.

Relevant Photos of your product and service quickly attract the audience, from the customer’s point of view photos are more striking. They give detailed information about the product rather than a simple written format.

Online shopping trend is based on photos, customers like to see it before making any purchase decision. Despite having numerous website banner ideas including a photo to your banner seems easy and attractive.

Adding a photo to the banner is simple however some major points you need to keep in mind while using a photo.

  • Avoid blurry pictures, use high quality
  • Should not be irrelevant, your banner photo should go with banner content
  • Should be enough visible to the audience, keep the pixel match in check while adjusting the banner photo.

6.   Text-Based Banners

text based website banner ideas

We wish to make our banner good looking and profit-driven, for that we made every possible effort by using different elements. Sometimes our creative mind doesn’t support our design and we are left clueless about what to create.

In that case, we simply go with the text, traffic driven content can do wonders to your banner. Text-based banners are unique in their way, they convey messages fast and drive traffic.

Your catchy slogans can be more prominent in the text-based banner, they are highly effective.


We know that websites are the best spot to start your business especially online, for winning customers you use different website banner ideas. You look for ways that grabs the attention of the audience or something that make your shine in the crowd.

Website banners are beneficial for sufficient trafficking on the web-space. The best part about website banners can be adjusted according to the design.

Therefore, your job is to find which banner inspiration is going to take your business to the next level.

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