Why Logos should be simple ?

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In our previous post on Importance of Logos in branding for businesses, we discussed the need of having a professional Logo to represent a brand. If you dig more into this topic, you’ll get to know that when designing a Logo for a brand, we should keep it simple. But Why Logos should be simple ? It is a question that is often being asked on the web.

That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today. From the explanation of simple Logos to reasons behind making them simple. We’ll try to explain each and everything that is behind the words “keep it simple.”

An excellent logo is unique, suitable, practical, graphic, simple in structure and conveys a brand’s message. When getting your brand’s Logo design from Logo Orbit or any other designer, know that the Logo must originate in a simplistic way that it should be easy to remember. Because a logo with too much unnecessary elements is going to fade away from the eyes, making it useless for branding.

A Logo messed up with too much extra customization and usage of components always set confusions instead of drawing attention. Your brand’s Logo should communicate the things you do in an instance. But within that instance, if it’s trying to say extra then it is much more likely that your customers will not get the message, or they’ll get the wrong message.

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The only way to avoid these things is simple. Just like the KISS(Keep it simple stupid) formula.

KISS or Keep it simple stupid principle in design refers to the simplicity of design. It urges to avoid complexity and to keep simplicity a key goal while designing.


why logos should be simple

A Logo is simple when it is memorable, recognizable and versatile. Now we know that what is a simple Logo, let’s move to the part where we’ll list and explain the reasons on Why Logos should be simple ?


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Why Logos Should be simple ?

“Simplicity is beauty” – the adage



The reasons which we think makes sense behind the preference of simple Logos over complex Logos are:

Clarity Of Brand’s Message:

The Logo that is complex and overdrawn always have a complicated message. Customers may link your brand with it’s Logo, but if the Logo isn’t conveying the correct message because of its confused design, then this could be a damaging factor for your brand. So if your Logo will be simple, then your brand will automatically communicate the clear message to masses.


It is a proven fact that remembering a single sentence or paragraph is easier than remembering multiple sentences or paragraphs. The average customers and audience can’t remember the brand’s Logo because of the complication in its design. So here a getting a simple Logo for your brand plays a significant role in remembering it. Simple Logos are easier to remember because of the fewer details in them.


Becoming a viral brand depends on upon the no. of references. If Logo of your brand is simple and easy to recall, then it is more likely that the people who’ve been attracted and affect by your brand will refer and explain it to others. A simple Logo of your brand can help you get 10x times more references and customers.

Trigger Inner Reactions:

When a Logo gets viewed, the triggering of inner reactions of a brand is often called as the unique way of human marketing. It is obvious that the intricate Logo design will elicit its cognition over emotion. But if a Logo is simple then this rare humanely marketing system will work more effectively.

Convertible Throughout All Media:

As any professional Logo Designer will verify that uncomplicated Logos can easily be managed to be used in any media including the web, promotional gifts, stamps, print, signs, embroidery, transfers, etc. Whereas a Logo having too many elements can not be easily modified and used in different media. So If you need to put your brand’s Logo in other means of media, then it should be simple.

Hard To Be Adopt:

The competitors are always in search to steal brand’s followers and status. When the design of a Logo is straightforward and have less details in it, then it would be difficult to be copied and adopt. It is because of the easily recognizable changes. But if a Logo is complex with extra elements, just a few changes of elements will make it adoptable by any other brand. It can let your competitors enjoy your brand’s status you’ve built for it.  Although the copyright infringement could be done based on the changes.


The scaling of Logo design is a must need thing in any niche. Whether a Logo is going to be placed on web or paper, it’ll be resized according to the needs. The scaling of complicated Logos results in losing details and visibility problems in most of the cases. On the other hand, the simplicity in Logos increases the capability to be scaled. A simple Logo can easily be shrunk or enlarge.

So if we conclude what we have discussed above then, we can reject the false sayings that limit simple Logo design to simplistic business model. Instead, we can say that it can be used in any business structure.

A simple Logo shows a keen focus of a brand’s motive, and it’s ideal customers needs. Remember in branding, the beauty can not equalize to productiveness and complication can’t equate to uniqueness.

So the bottom line is that simple Logos are a need of long-term brands. If you want to stay in market and people’s mind, you should have simple Logo for your brand. And Why Logos should be simple ? Well, we’ve already explained it above. So what is your opinion on getting a simplistic Logo? Let us know in comments below. If you’re a business or startup and looking to get a professional Logo design, email us at support@logoorbit.com or learn more about our service. Furthermore, you can subscribe to our mailing list to get exclusive tips and offers. Thank you for reading.


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