11 Woodworking Logos For Inspiration

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No matter what type of business you have, having a logo is a must. Wood is the thing that defines your household and business office life. Making something using woods is a professional art. A normal person can’t give professional look to a wood by just cutting it in different ways. Similarly, woodworking logos isn’t a thing of DIY and require professional skills. It needs a lot of brainstorming and that is why we are sharing some of the handpicked wooden logos for your inspiration.

Woodworker used wood to draw sketches in it and make unique designs from the wood. If we talk about logos, then we can take the best example of wooden stamps which use in offices to stamp their authorized signatures. We can talk about attestation of any legal documents, the wooden stamp used to print “Attested” signature on the document. This stamp is also made up of wood. So the woodworker builds this stamp by cutting the wood in a style which gives it the text of “Attested”. It can also be like printing some unique design in the paper as a logo.

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A cricket bat is also a good example to explain woodworking logos. It is of a particular shape and design with different logos including some text. For example bat of CA, MRF, Kookaburra, GM, SS etc.

Most of the companies have their logo on a wood. It usually has the name of the company with stylish font and wooden background and color. The companies also use graphical logos of wooden background and colors.

Woodworking Logos Inspiration

Following are the wood logo ideas for your inspiration.

Logos on wood or graphical/digital logos with a wooden background look attractive in design and color. It doesn’t include multiple colors but simply a wooden color which also looks professional and sober. Just be sure to keep it simple. We hope that you found these woodworking logos worth inspiring. Share it and let me know in comments below if you need any help regarding your logo. Thank you.


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