WordPress Vs PHP: What Web Developers From New York Are Choosing?

WordPressVs PHP: What Web Developers From New York Are Choosing?
WordPressVs PHP: What Web Developers From New York Are Choosing?

You might be looking for a comparison between WordPress and PHP to know that which one the web developers from New York choose? Let me let you briefly about these two. Firstly, PHP is scripting or an open-source programming language that is used to make the applications for the web provided by the PHP web development company.

And if we talk about WordPress, then I must tell you that it’s a content operating system that has been made by using PHP. In other words, WordPress is a part of PHP.

We cannot deny the fact that WordPress is the easiest option to go for. Yes, it can be easily learned by the developers and can be conveniently used. Even the neophytes can learn the use of Word Press in just a few minutes. Today, many web developers opt for it to create their websites.

PHP in comparison is used by the developers who have more knowledge regarding coding and enthusiastically use WordPress in any PHP web development company. Learning PHP is quite a time-consuming process that cannot be easily learned and takes weeks and months to learn.

What Web Developers From New York Are Choosing?

What do you think web developers from New York are choosing, PHP or WordPress for the creation of their website. WordPress is a content management system that allows the users to manage, create, and modify the content using the admin area that has been specifically created to be user-friendly. It does not require the users to know more about coding.

Do you know that about 30% of web developers use WordPress for their websites? One of the massive media companies like MTV News and The New York Times also use WordPress for their business.

There is a huge scope of WordPress and PHP in New York among web developers. But Following are the reasons why website developers prefer using WordPress for their websites. Let’s check out the reasons.


Do you know the first important thing a web developer does for the success of his website? It is undoubtedly ranking the website on the top of the SEO. The reason why web developers prefer using WordPress is that it is one of the most compatible platforms that can lead you to more keywords.

Today, you will see the top-ranking websites are formed with the use of WordPress. It is truly an outstanding platform with many advantages. When talking about protection, These websites are great for security purposes. You can always update your plugins and sites without any security risk. Moreover, it could be a great protector for you. it helps you install the plugins that are required for extra protection like the Word Fence Security plugins.

There is amazing news for the developers of New York. You can now have a well-maintained and secured website with the help of a custom WordPress website development company in New York. They have an incredible website development system.

WordPress Plugins:


Another reason why web developers choose WordPress over PHP is the feature of plugins. Developers choose the plugins from their choice who wants them for free. In case of the PHP, you will have to search for someone first who can guide you about the plugins sections, where to get and how to get them.

But if you look for plugins, they have over 40,000 free plugins to choose from for the developers. Plugins help to construct a website faster and easier for you. Plugin like BuddyPress gives you amazing features for your website within a fickle of seconds.

So, the web developers from New York and even from the whole world preferably use it for developing their websites. It is because it has now more advanced features and is more advantageous for the users.

Email List:

For a web developer, adding an email list is an essential part of starting a business or a new website. WordPress makes it simpler for you to add an email list to your business.

How can you do this? For this, you only need to attach a newsletter plugin that helps you seize the emails, and you are done. If you are doing this with a custom PHP, then this task will simply turn into a big hassle. So for this purpose, you can hire web developers for the PHP language who are well trained and know who to work using PHP.

So which one is better for the web developers?

So this is a question in which you should keep in mind all the aspects of PHP and WordPress. If any person prefers using PHP so it depends upon the learning and skill of that person. But yes, WordPress has been considered the easiest-operated website that can be fluently accessible to anyone.


It is a fact that both WordPress and PHP contradict each other but both of them are diversified individually. Now coming to the main question of the article which is that what web developers from New York are choosing for their business? Is it WordPress or PHP?

So, if we can see the popularity and significance of WordPress, we cant say that the developers are not using it. It is indeed the most frequently used platform by the majority of web developers surfing their development skills in New York.


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