Antikythera Designs - Case Studies
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Antikythera Designs

Project Overview

ntikythera Designs a mechanical design company located in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s a US-based agency that already exists in the local market for a couple of years. They decided to acquire a brand name to expand their business globally. They visited several logo design agencies and finally approached us to do this job. After we analyze their business model, we were planning to work on the structure of gear logo design with different variations.

Antikythera Designs

Design and creative service

Color not suggested: open to ideas

20.06.2017 – 27.07.2017

Platinum package – $133.00

gear logo design
Business Product & Services

Antikythera Designs dealing with CAD designs, freehand illustrations depending upon their customer needs, Structural Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), 3d rendering, 3d modeling. They also specialize in conceptual and shop drawings for construction.

CAD designs

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

shop drawings

Target Audience & Customers

The client mainly targets the companies with large projects and small companies which fall behind on a deadline, local customers who need help with redesigning homes, apartment, kitchen, etc. Customers who need help with designing their concepts, etc.


local customers

large project

Customer Idea

A client suggested the idea of using the Antikythera name stance for an ancient mechanical device found in Greece. It was a revolutionary and sophisticated device, we also refer the idea to the client of using gear logo design or basic mechanical building parts.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

We initiated the logo design process as we got the relevant details of this project. We started brainstorming session to visualize the ideas. Initially, several directions were tested by our designers to formulate the composition of the logo and decided to use the idea of the font without any symbolic intervention and a detailed illustrated silhouette with our basic concept of gear logo design.

Element used : gear, mechanical parts

Logotype used : just font, Illustrated symbol, Silhouette

Jacob Sunny

I liked the 1st one among the four logos you send. Can I see some variations of it in different colors with similar designs?

Jacob Sunny

Design 12 looks good. Could you please send me some color and font variations.

Jacob Sunny

Hi, I like the last one, logo 14. Let’s finalize that.

Once the client is done with the final logo and looking for the final files: We delivered all the final files in high pixels quality to the client’s mail within a day.

Logo serves to be the most influential visual identity of any organization. It helps you to get into the mind of your target audience and outperform your competitors. Therefore, if you plan to get one for your business, talk to one of our representative and get 20% discount on all our different services.

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