Bondo Logo Design Case Study - Case Studies
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Bondo Logo Design Case Study

Project Overview
B provides artistic interior design service for a couple of years through their e-commerce website, the business of the client exist in Ringwood North, AU-VIC. They were looking to get the brand image for their business and for this purpose they decided to hand over this project to Logo Orbit. The business model of the client based on online fit-out services where they serve home security systems, indoor plants, light fittings, Blinds, home renovating or repairing, etc.

furniture & interior

Blue, orange, black

21.11.2017 – 16.01.2018

Platinum logo - $180.00

Business Product & Services

The client provides the services of online purchasing for property developer’s / property investors with new building fit-out requirements, homeowners renovating or repairing. DIY items for window furnishings, interior design items, garden items, property repair items, tooling.

Home renovation

Property developers

Buildings fit-out requirement

Target Audience & Customers

The client target audience is professional property developers/property investors, residential and commercial homeowners and those who want to renovate or repair their old homes.

Property investor

Existing home repairing

Property developers

Customer idea

Although I like the idea of an icon to represent a company and create a brand, I feel at this early concept and launch stage a clean logo representing just the name might be the best way to start, but then overtime incorporates an icon like the Nike swoosh as our company grows. or maybe have the icon embed in the logo now, and over time bring it out as more of a feature??? Open to suggestions, however.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

Based on the above details, we began to work on the project and brainstormed some initial ideas. The designs on which we were working entirely different with the comparative business logos, after a couple of hours we succeeded to shape the exact image as in our mind; italic bold font with abstract & combination of the mortgage. in our mind; italic bold font with abstract & combination of the mortgage.

logo type : wordmark

Josh McConnell

Thank you for your teams ideas and designs thus far. We would like to work further on, Could we see some revisions.

Josh McConnell

Thank you for latest designs.

Could we see Design 24 as it is but without the yellow within the d and o?

Josh McConnell

Could we please have one last copy of Design 27..
• Using same font
• using same colors
• a capital ‘B’ and all other letters in lower case.

After these changes provide me the final files as soon as possible.

The client chooses to stick with the same concept and was looking to get the final files, that we provided to the client within a couple of hours. All files are in high pixel quality, and a client can use it for their multiple branding and promotional material.

Logo Orbit is always passionate about its work, and we strive to provide you the recognizable logo that sticks in the mind of your target audience. If you are looking to get the best one for your business, so talk to us today and get straight 20% discount on our different packages.

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