Cake Lady's Kitchen: Bakery logo design - Case Studies
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Cake Lady’s Kitchen: Bakery logo design

Project Overview

ake Lady’s Kitchen was looking for the brand design agency and finally came to logo orbit to get the iconic logo design for their business in Smyrna, Georgia. After going through our previous work they found Logo Orbit to fulfill their requirements. They demand that the logo should be modern yet memorable. We found that the business model of the client depends upon the baked goods with the highest quality ingredients possible, such as organic ingredients, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, pure extracts and spices, etc. We thought to embrace these ingredients into a bakery logo design  As we got the final confirmation we began with the logo design process. Below is the highlighted working criteria that we follow with every project.

Cake Lady's Kitchen

Food and beverages industry

Bright, maybe two colors, three at the most

11.06.2017 - 01.07.2017

Gold package - $100.00

bakery logo design
Business Product & Services

Client provides homemade baked goods/ catering, fundraisers, and vend special events. They are also a baker of cakes, cookies, muffins, breads, cupcakes, candies and other desserts. Additionally they also bake for special dietary concerns such as gluten free, vegan, sugar substitutions, etc. and continually expand their knowledge in the field of baking to other special dietary concerns like paleo.

Homemade baked goods

Baker of cakes, cookies, muffins, breads

Bake special dietary, such as gluten free, vegan

Target Audience & Customers

Anyone who enjoys baked goods, people with dietary concerns. we also target special events to deliver our products like Weddings, birthdays, religious celebrations and parties of all kinds require cakes and baked goods.


People with dairy concern

Hygienic and quality conscious people

Customer Idea

I want it to reflect the company’s name and aspirations. I don’t necessarily want a baker or baked goods as the focus, but rather something more abstract that reflects the sentiments of the company ideal.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

According to the above details and few more, we deployed our design team and asked them to put their creativity with experience at the core. They initially came up with the idea of using the abstract logotype with bakery logo design elements like cake, cupcake, and party-type fonts.

Logotype used: Emblem & crest

Elements Used: cake, cupcake, block abstract image, cooking roller

Cynthia Anderson

I received the three samples today and I realized that before I go through with a choice, I need to ponder the idea of a name change for my business that reflects more of the concept of what I do. I really like the idea of using abstract symbols rather than a finite picture. Thanks

Cynthia Anderson

Thanks for the samples I like the oblong shaped ones. I’m not sure whether I like the black on white or the white on the black background. I believe the black on the white background. I would like one more color added, please (hot pink) for a slogan, I like, “A pop – up bakery”. After apply the changes can you please arrange the final files.

After the client’s project completion confirmation, we delivered the final files of the selected concept of bakery logo design to their email. Final files are used for blur-free printing of the logo on marketing & promotional materials.

We believe in supporting and maintaining our work. After all your satisfaction is what drives us. If you’re looking to get your logo designed, we can help you to get a pixel-perfect one.

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