ChainMeet: Chain logo design - Case Studies
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ChainMeet: Chain logo design

Project Overview

hainMeet were looking for a logo design firm to get the brand identity for their business in Arlington Texas. The client came to Logo orbit with the demand for a remarkable logo design which could be eye-catching as well. After the complete satisfaction of the client, they agreed to gave this project to logo orbit. Client provides the platform or kind of a social media site through which people can create their own Chain, or Chain Links. Based on their business category, we decided to made a formation of chain logo design. Further we highlighted the working criteria of logo design that we follow with our every project.


Community & Foundation

Dark red. Or red and gray

24.04.2017 – 03.05.2017

Silver package -$69.00

chain logo design
Business Product & Services

Client runs a social media site. ChainMeet is dedicated to real friends, who are friends-in-action with whom they value. The Chain recognizes the importance of investing ourselves in each other, and allows the opportunity for you to demonstrate that investment, one link at a time. As each friend posts their ChainLink event, it becomes their own unique link in the truly social chain of life, continually linking it forward and people can hang out together, connect with each other.

social chain

Social network which allow to demonstrate your investment in a community of friends

Target Audience & Customers

People or friends who can invest themselves in each other and those who know the importance of it. A community of friends can link up with the client’s platform to experience an incredible journey and could reconnect and reclaim friendship.

Age 15+ men and women

Who want to experience the incredible journey of friendship.

Like to hangout and celebrate within the community.

Customer Idea

Two chain pieces linked together, but with the ends cut off. Single color (dark red) or one gray, one red? Not sure. Also thinking of the horizontal icon with ChainMeet written below – but don’t want to open a second account.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

When we got the approval of the project, we gathered and started to work on the client’s logo. Our design team individually work on different ideas with the thought of using chain element which could also represent the business name of the client and keep working on it until it came into the finished shape and after a couple of hours, they presented the initial concepts depend upon the formation of chain logo design that are shown below.

Elements Used: : chain, Ensemble

Logotypes Used:Abstract & combination

Susan Welch

Thank you!

I love Design 4.

I have 2 thoughts in my mind:
1 – Can the rounded outside ends of the black links be cut off?
2 – Can the “ee” in ChainMeet be like the ee from Designs 2 and 3?

Susan Welch

I am great with Design 1, thank you! I really do like the way the black links are cut.

When client done with the concept of chain logo design, we conclude our design process and were working on the final files. The final files that we provided all are in high resolution that can be use for different print material.

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