Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology Services: Brain logo design - Case Studies
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Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology Services: Brain logo design

Project Overview

r. Gordon is a licensed psychologist in Jackson, Mississippi and is board-certified in clinical neuropsychology. Dr. Gordon approached logo orbit to get the stunning logo design that resembles his profession. Our consultant suggested to them the best suitable logo package according to their budget. Dr. Gordon offers clinical and forensic neuropsychological services for adults and aged persons. We analyze their business model and the best idea revolving around us to work on the formation of the brain logo design element.

Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology Services

Healthcare & physician

Open to ideas

16.08.2017 – 26.08.2017

Logo package - $ 69.00

brain logo design
Business Product & Services

The business product line of the client is based upon Clinical evaluations: Presurgical (bariatric, spinal cord stimulators, brain tumors, transplant) and Neuropsychological (TBI, stroke, dementia, neurological and medical conditions); Forensic evaluations: Civil (worker’s compensation and disability, independent medical evaluations, fitness for duty, decisional capacity).



Forensic evaluations: Civil

Target Audience & Customers

The client target audience is Physicians, IME companies, and people who are looking for the assessment, treatment options and need medical consultation service.

Age - 19 above

children and adults

IME companies

Customer Idea

Thinking abstract & combination design with clean, minimal image and perhaps some color; thought is to include company name and/or initials and maybe an abstract brain or something that seems like neuropsychology. Also thought of abstract brain composed of magnifying glasses, cogwheels, stopwatches, etc. Really open to suggestions.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

When our team got all the required details of this project. They started their creative process and applied the sketching techniques to quickly visualize the initial ideas. Through this approach, we were able to provide the quickest possible turn-around-time to the client without compromising on quality. After getting deep into the trends of the industry, the designers decided to use the idea of a magnifying glass handle (lying sideways) with a portion of the brain under a lens. Magnifying glasses, cogwheels, stopwatch, and brain logo design element

Elements Used: Brain or psychology symbol)

Logotypes Used: Abstract and Combination

Dr. Gordon

I appreciate the efforts, but I am looking for some more concepts, so I can decide.

Dr. Gordon

Perfect. Very pleased with both. What next to finalize both?

After the final selection of the concept of brain logo design, the client was looking for the final file that we provided to them on the same date. We always deliver the final files in high pixel quality to our every client, which allow them to use it on their different marketing and promotional stuff.

We believe that creating visual image should help your business to become more productive and allow you to compete with your competitor. If you order right now, you can get straight 20% OFF on our all packages.

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