CMR Laser Engraving: Crown logo design - Case Studies
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CMR Laser Engraving: Crown logo design

Project Overview

RM is having vast experience in the field of customizing jewelry and running the same business for a couple of years located in Seattle, Washington. They were looking to get the stunning logo design for their company. When they came to Logo Orbit, the client acknowledged our previous industry associated work. After a detailed discussion with the client concerning the logo project, they committed to hire us and decided to go with our gold package where we offer 8 logo concepts, unlimited revisions, logo copyright and promise to deliver the concept within 24 to 48 hours. Based on their business model number of original ideas came into our mind and the best idea which we choose to get started with was crown logo design element.

CMR Laser Engraving

Cosmetics & jewelry

Open to ideas

16.01.2018 – 20.01.2018

Gold package - $115.00

crown logo design
Business Product & Services

The client is providing a service by engraving the jewelry, e.g. the inside/outside of rings, bangles, names on personalized jewelry, making cutouts of names, cut out earrings, engraving on knives etc. They can also provide the designs as per the demand of their customer.

Cut jewelry out of precious metals

Engraving the jewelry

Names on personalized jewelry

Target Audience & Customers

Mostly the jewelers and metalsmiths and people who sell personalized jewelry. Those who looking for the precious and customize jewelry are also their target audience.

Metal smith

Jewelry stores

Who sell personalized jewelry

Customer Idea

I do not have anything specific in mind. I would like it if part of it could be a cutout design (for my business cards) that can demonstrate the company’s ability to do precise cutouts. I am open to ideas. I have looked at lacy cutout patterns, but I have no idea if this will work if incorporated into a logo or if it is even appropriate.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

When we got all the necessary details of the project, we began with the process of logo design by deploying our team and distributed the tasks to each member of it. Moreover, they tried to shape out the primary element of a crown logo design which seemed to be familiar with the business theme of the client. They decided to use the glittering monogram with the company name.

Elements Used: Ring and crown at the top of the ring

Logotypes Used: Emblem & crest

Magderie Klugman

I really like what you have been doing, but I think that the logos look too industrial, my target audience is jewelers. Suggest me some more concepts.

Magderie Klugman

Hi there!

I will go with concept 6, the CMR in the oval circle.

After the final selection of the logo, we arranged the final files of the selected concept of the crown logo design and delivered to the client within a day. All the final files are in high pixel quality which allows them to use it for their digital and printed material.

Logo Orbit is passionate about their work and gives value to their customers. We strive to provide the best logo design services to our clients. If you want to get the logo for your business, then chat with our representative now and get straight 20% OFF on our all packages.

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