Donny Doohickey: Cart logo design - Case Studies
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Donny Doohickey: Cart logo design

Project Overview

onny Doohickey had set up a business of online retail and to make it more successful in today’s marketplace client decided to get the attractive logo design for their business in Sarasota, Florida. They went through a number of logo design agencies and finally came to Logo Orbit to get the comparative brand image. Donny Doohickey sells interesting products like high quality and custom electronic gadgets for home, car, and lifestyle. Cart logo design is the best key element to identify the nature of their business. Their business is kind of e-commerce nature and people can buy the products through their website.

Donny Doohickey


Blue, pale green, and soft yellow

25.08.2017 – 01.09.2017

Silver package - $89

cart logo design
Business Product & Services

Some of the client’s products are portable drones, sand less beach blankets, activated charcoal toothpaste, miniature HD night vision webcams, Bluetooth headphone adaptors, potty squat stools, car headrest hooks and several other interesting gadgets.

Tech products

Perishable items

Automobile accessories

Target Audience & Customers

Client’s typical customer is an American. They are 20 to 50 years old age range. They are targeting an above average household income earners. Their customers are early adopters that are comfortable with technology and innovation as well as willing to try new products to satisfy needs they were unaware they had.

Age 20 to 50

early adopters that are comfortable with technology and innovation

Willing to try new products

Customer Idea

There are three concepts that could work.
1. An avatar of the fictional “Donny Doohickey” with the company name and tagline.
2. A “badge” type logo that is purely decorative with the exception of the company name and tagline.
3. Some type of unique graphical element (abstract or not) with the company name and tagline beside or below.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

We at Logo Orbit work in a systematic way to provide one of the best logo design services in US. Based on the above details and few more our team started to work on different logo concepts and they came up with some innovative thoughts and ideas which could be admirable. They decided to use the robot and cart logo design element with different styles of a bold font as a primary part of the logo design.

Elements Used: Shopping cart, robot and screen

Logotypes Used: pictorial, symbol and icon

Scott Stuart

Thank you for all of your hard work. I am pleased with the concepts so far, but would like to see some revisions.

Scott Stuart

Let’s go ahead and finalize “logo 01”.

When the client selected the cart logo design element as a final concept, so we get back to arrange the final files in high resolution including JPEG, PNG, Vector EPS, and Ai that can also be usable for their different marketing material.

We create an attention seeking brand image that can grab your potential customers towards your business product. If you’re interested in doing the same, talk to your dedicated design consultant and get 20% discount on our all packages.

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