Gingerplum Property: Mortgage logo design - Case Studies
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Gingerplum Property: Mortgage logo design

Project Overview

ingerplum Property and Garden Services came across to LogoOrbit through search engine after they decided to get their brand image designed in Stoneham, Massachusetts. We had a long discussion with the client regarding the project in which we gave them a complete guidance. The business nature of the client is the redesigning, cleaning, repairing, maintenance, and renovation of the houses. Based on their services regarding home, mortgage logo design exhibits their business image. Right after the project confirmation, we started our logo design process. Below are some highlights of how we design logos at LogoOrbit.

Gingerplum Property and Garden Services

Landscaping and yard care

Burgundy and golden red

02.08.2017 - 04.08.2017

Custom Branding kit - $70.00

mortgage logo design
Business Product & Services

Client have a year-round property and garden service company that serves across the New England area. Their services that they provide is Snow removal in the winter months, residential and commercial property clean-ups and maintenance, maintenance to existing gardens, establishing new garden design, as well as 25+ years experience with fence installations.

clean-ups and maintenance of residential

maintenance of existing gardens

establishing new garden design

maintenance of commercial property

Target Audience & Customers

Home and business owners that own one or multiple properties and those who focus towards that their property should be well maintain.

Age 25 and above

Home and business owners

Multiple properties owners

Customer Idea

We would like for our logo to be bold, simplistic, and memorable. We would like a graphical logo accompanied by an organic and ‘natural’ looking font with the company name. The company has the idea of using of golden red and burgundy for the lettering. But we are open to other colors and kinds of fonts from the designers.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

We initiated the process of logo design and arranged a meeting with our design team and asked them to come up with the concepts which could be attractive and memorable at the same time. We then came to the conclusion to use home, landscape, and mortgage logo design elements as the primary part of our concepts.

Elements Used: mortgage, house and garden

Logotypes Used: pictorial, symbol and icon

Emily Trant

After reviewing the concepts, my team and I like concept #1 to be the right fit for our business. We are done with it and looking forward to receive the final files. Thanks.

And we delivered the final files of the finalized concept of mortgage logo design to client’s email. Final files include the high-resolution PNG, JPG, Vector EPS, and Ai so that client can use their logo on all of their marketing material.

We believe in to develop a reputation of excellence and commitment to provide creative and thought provoking Designs. We make your logo designs fast, innovative and in affordable price range.

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