Grizzly Gunworks: Crosshair Logo Design - Case Studies
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Grizzly Gunworks: Crosshair Logo Design

Project Overview

rizzly Gunworks were searching for a professionalized logo design for their business in St. George, Ontario. When they came across LogoOrbit, we sent them our Portfolio and they decided to give this project to us. The client based on selling the custom muzzle brake and firearms accessories of rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Grizzly Gunworks individually design and hand-craft the products. Initially, the first thought that came to our mind was to use crosshair logo design element which resembles their business as well. Since the client is offering the high-quality services with their qualified weapons technician, so it was necessary to exhibit the quality message through their logo. After we got the final confirmation regarding the project,

Grizzly Gunworks

Firearms Industry, Shooting and Hunting

Black, Grey, and earthy tones

05.10.2017 - 22.11.2017

Platinum Package - $189.00

Crosshair logo design
Business Product & Services

A client strictly concentrates on manufacturing custom muzzle brake and product based sales. They only sell products, predominantly muzzle brakes. They custom cut sights into the muzzle brake, also made for non-threaded barrels and threaded alike, redirectors (muzzle brakes with covers for competition shooters), barrel shrouds, fake silencers, thread adapters, muzzle caps and 2-in-1 to 4-in-1 combination packages of the above.

Muzzle Brakes, Custom Made AR Muzzle Devices

Fake Silencers & Silencer Redirector

Custom Scope Rings, Bolt Knobs

Barrel Shroud, Cheek Riser

Target Audience & Customers

The product line of the client includes luxury item and it is at the highest point of the market/price due to the quality, choice, flexibility, and performance. The client also provides high-performance quality custom made firearms accessories and want to deal with individuals who can actually afford expensive guns and accessories for them.

Age 30 years and above

Hunters, Competition Shooters

Handgun & Rifles Owners

Barret rifles

Customer Idea

I would like an emblem like magpul ( I would like ggw to be emphasized as ggw stands for grizzly gunworks. I want the two g’s to face each other and to form a w. standing for ggw. It almost would look like an axe, once the letters are put together. Anyway that was one idea I had but I am open to suggestions.

Logo & Property of
Our Logo Design Process Overview

Based on the above details and few more, we initiated with the logo design process and deployed our team which then started analyzing the information from the client brief and brainstorm the innovative concepts which could meet with the client expectations. Initially, our designers decided to use the sniper scope and Crosshair logo design element.

Elements Used: Crosshair, Target, Sniper Scope

Logotypes Used: Emblem, Lettermark & Initials

Karoline Cox

Appreciate your efforts and I found concept 4 a bit close to what I have in my mind. Can you improvise it a bit more with my business name inside it?

Karoline Cox

Thank you. Love the bullet idea. I would like to buy two concepts; the bullet logo and the last one with the writing underneath.

But before we finalize is it possible to do the following:

1. Change the shading inside the facing GG’s in MOCKUP 2 to the shading of the GG’s in MOCKUP 3. We do not want mockup 3 because the letters in Grizzly Gunworks touch, we prefer the spacing in mockup 2. Once this is completed we would like to finalize this logo.

2. We like MOCKUP 4 and would like to purchase it however would it be possible to DARKEN the shade?

A client selected two concepts with the same element of Crosshair logo design. And we delivered the final files of both the concepts. Final files include the high-resolution PNG, JPG, Vector EPS, and Ai so that client can use their logo on all of their marketing & promotional material.

Unlike the prevailing unethical trends in the market, we make sure to start with scratch in every logo design project we do at Logo Orbit. We ensure you to provide innovative concepts merged with our highly responsive customer service.

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