Gustafson Home Pros Group: Roof logo design - Case Studies
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Gustafson Home Pros Group: Roof logo design

Project Overview

ustafson Home Pros Group is operating a real estate business in Elkhorn, Nebraska. They came to Logo Orbit with a problem of having a generic logo design. As we have availability of FREE design consultation, so we proposed them to go with our platinum package that comes with unlimited concepts and revisions to ensure that the client gets the logo to their specific need. The business model of the client is to guide and educate their customers regarding the sale, purchase & Investment in Real Estate. They also finance the mortgages and guide their customer related to the current situation of the real estate market. We focus to use the basic element of roof logo design with the different variations of block image.

Gustafson Home Pros Group

Mortgage & real estate

Lime green

19.09.2017 – 10.03.2017

Platinum logo - $100

roof logo design
Business Product & Services

The client has a team of Real Estate Professionals. They help to improve their client’s experience and also guide them with the current market strategies, construction trends, market movements, and home values.

Sell and purchase of mortgage

Guide their clients regarding the current market situation

Target Audience & Customers

The ideal audience of the client are the buyers, sellers & investors of Real Estate. The people who require the construction services.

Age 25 to 45


Buyers & sellers

Customer idea

More straight lined than curved in design. The house design is good. It needs to represent the real estate. I like windows to be used in the home and chimney is good as well.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

When we received the necessary details of the project, in the meanwhile we engaged our design team, and they started to work on different logo concepts, after a couple of hours they shaped out the exact image with a roof logo design element that the client foresaw. Below are the concepts that we initially sent to them.

Element used : House with window, a hand with home squared

Logotype used : Pictorial, symbol and icon

Michelle Gustafson

We are liking design #4 with some changes. The one with GHPG in the middle and the upside down V.
We would like to have GUSTAFSON on line one with HOME PROS GROUP on the second line. HOME PROS GROUP can also be a smaller font and maybe Gustafson bigger like you did on
design 3. I like the font of Design 3 for Home Pros Group.

Michelle Gustafson

So very close on choosing a final. Could you put a small chimney on Design 1 to see what that would look like? Put it on right side of the roof.

Michelle Gustafson

I think we are good with Design#1. We need one with the tagline and one without.

A client selected the concept of roof logo design incorporated with window image, so we quickly created the final files of the selected concept and delivered to the client’s inbox.

We deliver the results-oriented designs that exceed the expectation of our clients. If you want us to do the same for your business, start today and get 20% off on all our different packages.

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