Kitchen & Bath Innovations: Shack logo design - Case Studies
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Kitchen & Bath Innovations: Shack logo design

Project Overview

itchen & Bath Innovations was looking to get the creative logo design for their existing business in Panama City Beach, Florida. When the client came to Logo orbit and reviewed our working process, they decided to hand over this project to Logo Orbit. A client provides the services of Kitchen & bath cabinetry, sales & installation and the decors of the interior not only for the new house but it’s also applicable for the existing homes and apartments. Below are the some highlighted details of our industry-related work that we always follow with our every logo design project. In the beginning, we were looking to test the idea of shack logo design with multiple elements.

Kitchen & Bath Innovations

Design and creative service


14.07.2017 – 20.07.2017

Gold package - $139

shack logo design
Business Product & Services

Client Proudly serving the Emerald Coast since 2007. They develop and executes Kitchen & Bath designs for new constructions as well as existing home remodels. Their services paired with competitive, affordable pricing.

Home remodels

Kitchen and bath designs

Installation service

Target Audience & Customers

General Contractors specializing in new home construction as well as commercial construction, Clients initiating home remodels, DIY clientele.

Age 30 to 50

General contractors

Existing home owners

Customer Idea

A client was hoping for a fresh new concept. So the client asked to create something that conveys a concept of innovation. On the first day, we pitch the idea of shack logo design and the client willing to saw the initials with our original idea.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

We go through the details of the client and deployed our design team to began with the logo design process. They worked on some fresh ideas and finally they decided to use clean lines and modern wood log design element as a part of initial concepts.

Elements Used: Mortgage incorporate in a box shape

Logotypes Used: Abstract and combination

Heather Cetrone


We like Design #1 & Design #3. Can you “marry” the two? The design elements I like in each are as follows.

-the font & color of design #1
-the “E” in design #1 that looks like a cabinet drawer… I REALLY love that
-The image in design 3 that looks like a tree

Thanks for your artistic input.

Heather Cetrone

The first one is perfect! We love it. Can you please prepare the final file as soon as possible.

After the final selection of the concept of shack logo design, we arranged the final files with high resolution that can be used for their branding and promotional material.

We focus to uplift the business image of the client by providing a thoughtful brand identity which can also be appealing to the eye. So get started today with logo orbit and get a chance to avail 20% OFF.

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