Light Stuff Up: Light bulb logo design - Case Studies
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Light Stuff Up: Light bulb logo design

Project Overview

ight Stuff Up is a retailer of LED lighting products and different lightening gadgets. They sell their products through their e-commerce website in Eagle Mountain, Utah. It’s one of the unique online business of this kind operating in this specific market. They came to Logo Orbit with the demand for professionalized logo design. We ensure them that they will get the best one and after going through some of our previous relevant work, they agreed to hire us for their logo design project. First of all, we analyze their business model and the first idea which click int our mind was light bulb logo design, the same element also resembles with their industry name.

Light Stuff Up



09.06.2017 – 12.07.2017

Silver package - $79.00

light bulb logo design
Business Product & Services

Client sells high quality LED light products including LED bulbs, strip lights, lightup showerheads, shoes and fidget spinners. Client buys the products directly from their suppliers and manufacturers, cut out the middleman and pass those incredible savings on to their customers.

Led lightening products

Light up showerheads, fidget spinners. fidget spinners

Target Audience & Customers

The client target corporate buyers, firms, homes, shopkeepers, and all those who can buy our products in a bulk quantity.

House owners



Customer Idea

Client emphasized the color of the logo to be same of blue LED light they were they were open to ideas. Since the client didn’t come up with any idea so our designers started the DRM (deep research method) that we follow at Logo Orbit. We suggested the idea of light bulb logo design and the client excited to get a look of it.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

When we got all the project details, we forwarded them to our design team for further assessment. After the brainstorming session, the team decided to use the light bulb logo design and energy saver element with the lightning theme. Below are the initial concepts and revisions along with project highlights.

Elements Used: Rectangular box with blue color effects in the background

Logotypes Used: Letter mark, symbol

Ben Lyne

I appreciate what you have done but I need to see some more concepts before to finalize the logo.

Ben Lyne

Scratch that. I still like #3 but need a little more time to look at it but until can you please make a last revision so I can finalize the logo between both of them.

Ben Lyne

Draft 05 is Perfect! No more revisions needed.

Client finally selected the Draft 05 as a final logo. We arranged the final files and delivered to client’s inbox within 24 to 48 hours.

Logo Orbit always comes with the new ideas that are awe-inspiring and original. If you are looking the same for your brand, so try our services today and get 20% discount on all our different packages.

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