Marathon Financial: Marathon logo design - Case Studies
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Marathon Financial: Marathon logo design

Project Overview

arathon Financial, an insurance service company, located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The client decided to get the unique logo design for their firm which seems to be different from their existing competitors. When we engaged with the client in a detailed discussion, they showed some interest and opted for our basic bundle that includes a logo, a single page website, and a basic stationary kit. The client provides financial services with specialization in life, home, auto, and business insurance. They mainly use cash value accumulation insurance that can be used as an alternative to long-term savings. According to their business frame, we focus on making a formation of marathon logo design which also indicates their business image.

Marathon Financial


Blue, orange, yellow and black

14.08.2017 – 06.09.2017

Basic bundle -$599.00

marathon logo design
Business Product & Services

1- The client have broker products independently from over 30 companies to ensure they are always providing the best possible solutions.
2- In addition to offering competitive traditional protection-based financial products (term and guaranteed permanent products), they have over a decade of experience implementing fixed indexed products for the unique needs of high-income earners.
3- Complimentary policy reviews are available to those interested in auditing current coverage to make sure it is still the best solution for their (likely ever-evolving) goals.

Financial services firm

Insurance for use as an alternative long-term savings vehicle.

Particularly use of cash value accumulation

Target Audience & Customers

The client’s target audience is mass affluent, upper-middle-class (including business owners) and those who emphasize on the endurance athlete community (triathletes, marathon runners, and ultra runners).

Age 20 to 40

Upper middle class

Business owners

Customer Idea

I would like to mention that the logo must be recognizable for my customers. It’s up to you that how you go with it. Very open to concept ideas – no set idea of what this should look like!

Our Logo Design Process Overview

According to the above details, we move on to begin with the logo design process. We designated our design team and gave them the required information about the project. Onwards they started to work on the different logo styles, and according to their approach, they decided to go with the idea of using the racing bicycle, ultra runners, and marathon logo design element. We selected some of the inspiring ideas and sent them to the client’s inbox.

Elements Used: Marathon runners, runner crossing a finish line, and athlete.Celtic symbol Triskelion, triple spiral

Logotypes Used: Pictorial, symbol and icon

Peter Lofgren

Let me start by saying that these logos all look really outstanding — I’m impressed by your designers were able to do such a great job coming up with concepts that captured what I had in mind so quickly!
I think we are pretty close, but I’d like to see just a few minor refinements

Peter Lofgren

Could I please see Draft 8 with the red elements changed to orange?  as well as the new block font used in Draft 08?

Peter Lofgren

I think I’m down to two options — could you please send me the following:

• Draft 10 with the Black text and element changed to Hex 1365f0, and the current orange/yellow changed to f4ab20
• Mockup 02 with the current Blue changed to Hex 1365f0

Peter Lofgren

Could you do Draft 12’s yellow in the same orange as Mockup 01? And proceed with finalizing this logo.

The client decided to go with the marathon logo design and with some final touches, we arranged the final files of their logo. With these files, the client can efficiently get their logo printed on different marketing & promotional material.

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