Million Loans: Security logo design - Case Studies
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Million Loans: Security logo design

Project Overview

illion Loans is a financing company that specializes in the real estate market, located in Anaheim, California. To make their business more well known in the competition and to get more attention from their business client they selected Logo Orbit for getting a unique logo design. The client provides loans for building the new houses or renovating the existing ones. They are also a partnership with Equity Smart Home Loans that specializes in FHA. Furthermore, they also provide the consultation services regarding purchases, refinances, and reverse mortgages. Our researchers identify the original concept of using security logo design which also exhibits their business.

Million Loans

Mortgage & real estate

Silver, Black, and maybe a deep blue

31.08.2017 – 09.09.2017

Gold package - $99.00

security logo design
Business Product & Services

Million Loans is a financial service firm where they are lending money to the business persons as well as to individual to build their homes and apartment, and they also provide Creative Financing, FHA, Conventional, V/A, Hard Money, Commercial Loans. Direct Lender and broker privileges.

Equity Smart Home Loans

Commercial loans

Provide consultation regarding the property

Target Audience & Customers

The target audience of the client is Realtors, homeowners, and potential home buyers, those who are looking for the finance to purchase and renovate their homes.


Home owners


Customer Idea

We have a few ideas already for our logo designs, but are OPEN to suggestions:
1. “Million Loans” in a silver format as if it is the material of a steel beam with bolts around the edges of the lettering, filled with a different color like a shade of blue.
2. “Million Loans” with a New York cityscape outline behind it.
3. A sword laid sideways with “Million Loans” above or below the sharp edge.
4. A shield and two swords sticking out behind.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

We conveyed the details of the project to our design team, and they started the process of logo design by sketching the concepts with the basic element of security logo design, and they kept working on it to get the best out of them. The QC department then reviewed and finalized the ones that need to be delivered to the client. It is to know the perception of the client regarding the initials.

Element used : shield. Armor , swords, buildings

Logotypes Used: pictorial, symbol, initials

Jade Hilton

After looking at the concepts, our favorite design is “Logo 02” with the shield.

There are a few changes we would like to have before finalizing.

Jade Hilton

We are really liking the logo 02 concept your team just presented to us.

Let’s go into finalization for that design, please!

The client selected the concept of security logo design as a final logo. We provided the final files to the client’s email within the same day. The final files that we provide to our every client are in high resolutions which allow the client to use it for their various marketing materials.

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