Ride Ad Logo: steering wheel logo design - Case Studies
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Ride Ad Logo: steering wheel logo design

Project Overview

ide Ad was looking for an iconic Logo design in Atlanta, Georgia.  They came to logo orbit through a search engine and after going through our portfolio and working process, they decided to hire us for this project. The client provides rides to the people that are in need of transportation while advertising. They also sell advertising services to different businesses that want to attract the modern users. Steering wheel logo design is the basic symbol of their business, so we decided to work on the similar concepts which related to the above symbol.

Ride Ad

Travel and Hospitality

Open to ideas

29.11.2017 - 15.12.2017

Platinum package - $150.00

steering wheel logo design
Business Product & Services

The client has a rideshare company similar to Uber and Lyft. They will be providing rides to customers using the same technology and efficiency in a market Uber and Lyft does not exist. They also offer vehicle advertising services. Hence the name, Ride Ad (Ad for advertising).


Ride share

Forms of advertising within the vehicles

Target Audience & Customers

A client is trying to attract the audience actually varies greatly because of the different types of ride. But they will all fall within the ages 20-65. As for the driver’s side, they want to attract people who want to make some extra money driving neighbors around. As for advertisers/sponsors, they want to attract businesses that want a new way to attract customers using rideshare technology.

Age 20-65



Who want to make some extra money

Customer Idea

We are hoping that you can help with ideas about logos. We purchased unlimited concepts and unlimited revisions. I would like for you to send me at least 5-8 different concepts that will get us thinking. It’s totally up to you that how you shape my logo.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

As we got the client details, we initiated the designing process by gathering a team meeting in which, we discussed different aspects of the client’s industry. We were presented with a challenge to create a modern logo that can deliver the client’s business message and compete with the trending standards of the industry. Our design started the research and came up with the ideas of using with the letter mark, map pin design and steering wheel logo design element. Below are the initial concepts that we delivered to the client.

Elements Used: steering with the background of electric spark, Location pointer

Logotypes Used: Letter mark and initials

Sadi Ahmed

Thank you for the concepts.

We ended up making a change to the name at the last moment.

• Instead of “Ride Ad”, change the name to “Go Dothan”.
• As far as concepts, we do like something along the line of Concept 4. Can you give us few more along the same line?

Sadi Ahmed

Can you please do the following?

• Create multiple versions of Concept 2 with and without the line between the steering wheel and top most portion of the GPS symbol.
o For example, you can leave on top of the steering wheel but not cross over to the GPS symbol
o Take out the line entirely and connect the missing pieces
o And any other ideas you may have.

2. We like MOCKUP 4 and would like to purchase it however would it be possible to DARKEN the shade?

Sadi Ahmed

Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

We want to finalize the top concept, #5. Please arrange the final files of the concept as soon as possible.

A client asked to finalize the concept of steering wheel logo design incorporate with the map icon, we arranged the final files with high pixel quality so that the client could easily able to use the logo for their multiple marketing materials.

We desperately work on the iconic brand designs and strive to meet the clients satisfaction, If you are seeking to get the logo for your business, so start today and you will get a straight 20 % off.

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