Sam Hale Fitness: Bicep logo design - Case Studies
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Sam Hale Fitness: Bicep logo design

Project Overview

am Hale Fitness required a brand name for their company and they were potentially in search of a professional logo design agency in Needham, Massachusetts. They came to logo orbit with a problem to get a unique logo that differs from other online health coaching and fitness logos. After a detailed discussion with the client and showing them our previous related industry work, they decided to give us a try. Before we move on further, we need to know the business nature of the client. Sam Hale Fitness offer online coaching for both nutrition and exercise and in the future they also looking for a branch into apparel and open their fitness center. According to their business model, bicep logo design is the primary symbol of their industry. After the client gave us the final confirmation, we began with the logo design process. Below are the highlights of our working process that we follow in our every logo design project.

Sam Hale Fitness

Fitness & Physical Training

Sky blue with black combination in letter S and H

27.12.2017 - 01.01.2018

Gold package - $99.00

bicep logo design
Business Product & Services

The client is running a fitness and lifestyle vlog on YouTube and social media page (Instagram) that revolves around documenting her life in video format. They offer online coaching, workout tutorials, and nutrition coaching as well as delve into fashion, lifestyle, and motivation. They eventually want to get into apparel design and open their gym.

Fitness & lifestyle Vlogs

Online coaching for nutrition & lifestyle

Workout tutorials

Target Audience & Customers

The target audience is mainly men and women. Also, who wants to use fitness as an outlet for the stress and other negativities in their life. I want to motivate people to change their lives and take the first steps to get the body they have always dreamed.

Every Men and women

Who think fitness is a part of life

Who want to remove stress from their life

Dreamed to shape their body

Customer Idea

I want the logo to be simple and include the letters S and H. I want it to have as little text as possible. My vision is hard to describe in words sometimes, but something that can be identified as Sam Hale but at the same time does not seem to be narcissistic or self-centered.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

As we got details provided by the client, we always begin with our process by arranging a meeting with our design team to sort out any query regarding the client details. Onwards they apply different filter and research methods to bring out the best available logo ideas. They finally came up with the idea of using letter mark with the incorporation of bicep logo design which could clearly show the business image of the client.

Elements used: incorporation of bicep design

Logotype: letter mark & initials

Sam Hale

They look great! but I am little bit confuse regarding these ideas can you arrange some more different concepts.

Sam Hale

Mock up 3 is actually the one I would like to finalize! Just wondering when the final files will be emailed.

As we get to know that the client has selected the bicep logo design, we sent them the final files. The final files are in the high-resolution logo files that can also apply for their different marketing stuff.

We try to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients and tweak it until they’re delighted. If you want to get the Logo for your business, we will help you to find the best one which can be memorable for your target audience.

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