Sound Wellness Spa: Infinity logo design - Case Studies
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Sound Wellness Spa: Infinity logo design

Project Overview

ound Wellness Spa reviewed a number of brand design agencies and looking for the premium logo design in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. When they came to logo orbit and we found them as a potential customer so further we had a discussion with the client and after that client made a commitment with us to give this project to Logo Orbit. A client provides the services of sound massage, sound concert (sound bath), gong concert Massaging and harmonizing body cells via sound and vibration. To enclose their business model initially we thought to use different variations of the infinity logo design. As we got the business details we started working on their logo project. Below are the highlighted details from the process that we follow with every design project at Logo Orbit.

Sound Wellness Spa

Spa services

Red and hot pink

25.04.2017 - 15.05.2017

Platinum package -$209.00

infinity logo design
Business Product & Services

Client offers Individual sound massages and sound concert/bath through the use of Peter Hess hand hammered Tibetan bowls, Zen bells, hand-made wooden chimes and gongs. Singing bowls are placed on or close to the fully clothed body (within your aura) and tapped gently with a felt mallet. If people have a physical, mental and psychological problem, sound massage can provide relief from stress, anxiety and pain.

Peter Hess hand hammered

Tibetan bowls

Providing a pleasant tingling sensation

Target Audience & Customers

Individuals of all ages desiring relief from disease, prevention of disease and promotion of balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit.

For all ages

People like to get deep relaxation.

Want to relief from disease

Customer Idea

A client suggested a musical note that looks like the letter “S” to be used at the S in Sound. Possibly use a musical note for the “L’s” in Wellness. The client like to use the Trinity, the spiraled triskelion, or triskel, which stands for unity of the three. We also make an addition of our conceptual thought to use the idea of infinity logo design.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

When some more details came into our knowledge through the client, we gave a guideline to our design team and asked them to make sure that the concepts must be thought-provoking and creative. They worked on different styles of font and crafted the concepts and came up with the idea of using a Musical note, sound wave, frequency wave and infinity logo design with business name incorporated into the symbol as a primary part of the concepts.

Elements Used: Celtic symbol Triskelion, triple spiral

Logotypes Used: pictorial and symbol

Sharon Murrock

Hi John, thank you for getting me ideas so fast but can you please more improvise these concepts.

Sharon Murrock

John, I am so excited, I can see it coming together. Thank you for your time and effort, it is much appreciated.

I would love to see # 07 design with the letter “S” in sound like the musical note of design # 06 Please.

Sharon Murrock

Hi John, I like the design number 13, although would like to see it without the musical note for the “S”. Less is more! “By Sharon Murrock” is not the easiest to read due to the color. What would make it stand out the best please? Shadowing it?

Sharon Murrock

I actually do prefer design 29 for the final choice.

After the client decided to go with design# 29 which resembles the infinity logo design, so we provided them the final files. These are the high pixel quality files which can be used for their all marketing products.

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