The Hypo Lab: Flask logo design - Case Studies
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The Hypo Lab: Flask logo design

Project Overview

he Hypo Lab provides the consultancy service to their clients and was looking for a brand design agency in Chandler, Arizona. They provide the services through their website, so they required the distinctive logo design which must be matched with their website theme. When the client came to Logo Orbit and reviewed our working process, they decided to give us a shot for their logo design project. The Hypo Lab, a consulting firm where they focus towards the product innovation for physical and virtual products. They also analyze the financial and sales process development of their clients. Based on their business model flask logo design was the primary concept to use it with different conceptual thoughts of our designers.

The Hypo Lab

Business & consulting

black and brown

19.09.2017 – 21.12.2017

Silver package – $79.00

flask logo design
Business Product & Services

The client provides the services of product innovation, operational improvement, and sales process development. They assist companies in identifying and assessing products, operations, financial performance and sales programs. They are a specialized consulting firm focused on product innovation as well as operational and financial assessment and sales process development across multiple industries.

Product innovation

Sales process development

Sales programs

Target Audience & Customers

The target audience of the client is Inventors, product management teams, small, medium and large companies that need outside ideation, assessment and/or validation of product concepts and internal processes.


Large companies


Customer Idea

Concepts to include are the difference between a Null and Alternate Hypotheses, ANOVA, and the difference between a hypothesis and a theory.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

As we got the details from the client, we started with the logo design process. First of all, we analyzed the aspects and engaged our design team to put their effort and came up with their best creativity to embrace the primary concept of flask logo design. After the QA/QC process, we delivered the initial concepts to the client‘s email.

Elements Used: Apple, lab flask

Logotypes Used: Abstract & combination

Marty Rasmussen

The concepts must be appreciated but I need to see some more revision.

Marty Rasmussen

In concept 05 Tagline need to be much larger this will never show up on a business card.

Marty Rasmussen

Concepts 7 is the winner, I like to go with this and waiting to get the final files.

When client decided to go with the concept of flask logo design and was looking to get the final files, so in the meanwhile, we arranged the final files and delivered to the client on the same day. All the final files are in high resolution that can be used for digital marketing and print material.

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