The Vanessa Creech Team: Arch logo design - Case Studies
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The Vanessa Creech Team: Arch logo design

Project Overview

anessa Creech was looking for a Logo design company to get the customized logo design, the business of the client exist in Alpharetta, Georgia. The client finally came to logo orbit and reviewed our portfolio and decided to choose our platinum package in which we provide unlimited concepts and revisions. Vanessa Creech is in the business of real estate in which they provide Exclusive Listing Services. Buyer Brokerage Services & Consulting Services. They educate their clients on the local market and keep them up to date with the constant change that can happen. According to their business model, the best idea which reveals their services was the arch logo design element. That was our core concept to use it with different variations to get the finest brand image.

The Vanessa Creech Team

Mortgage & Real Estate

Blue, Grays, Green

25.09.2017 – 30.09.2017

Platinum package - $189

arch logo design
Business Product & Services

A client has a residential real estate team assisting buyers, sellers and investors. They assist the buyers and sellers of the homes and help them in the entire process of sale and purchase of the mortgage.

Buyer Brokerage Services

Consulting Services

Exclusive Listing Services

Target Audience & Customers

Residential Home Buyers and Sellers. Preferred price range is $300-$600k (not targeting ‘luxury homes’.

Age 20 to 55

Willing to buy home & apartment

Need consultation

Customer Idea

A client wants that the logo and team name will look good and be recognizable in smaller print on a business card, just as easily as on marketing materials and our website. The client also looking for industry-specific yet unique so it stands out above the normal housing/real estate logos. Further, we also discussed with the client regarding the idea of using an arch logo design, and the client interested to saw some concept with the same idea.

Our Logo Design Process Overview

We move on to the further process of the logo design by putting our team on the project. They started with the industrial trends research to make sure that this real estate logo stands out among its competitors. Since we believe in sticking with the basics, so our team suggested to use the arch logo design element with the variation of house, tree, and fence.

Elements Used: Utilizing the initials V and C with house and gate

Logotypes Used: Letter mark & initials

Vanessa Creech

Concept 3 – I really like this one.
I know there is a tree used at the roof (which I really love) – but is there a way to incorporate any gray into the logo? I like the Blue and Green combo – but, I really love a Blue and Gray combo (like Mockup 01).

Vanessa Creech

Thanks for the revised concepts. After looking at them, I have decided the overall choice is the original Concept 3 (green and blue). Where do we go from here? Also, will I receive it in black and white as well as color?

After the client selected the concept # 3, we arranged the final files with high resolution that can also be used for their business cards, letterhead and digital marketing material.

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