31 Spotless Cleaning Services Logos

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Achieving a great Logo design that best suits you brand is not a thing that is easy. It requires a lot of smart work and research. As you already know that the innovation period is over and now the things initiated with inspiration. In today’s post, we’re kicking off our cleaning industry inspiration with the Logos. We have handpicked the 31 Spotless Cleaning Services Logos that you can use to take inspiration for your next project. All the Logos are concept based that will give you many new ideas. You can even try different combinations with these Logos to get an even better design idea.

Disclaimer: All the Logos are the trademark of their respected owners. We do not own any copyright over these Logos.

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Spotless Cleaning Services Logos

cleaning services logos

Big city cleaners is a Georgia based dry cleaning and laundry service. It’s Logo bespeaks the business theme. Buildings is shown wrap inside the cleaner brush. Right after the brand mark, business name is written in custom font.


This Logo concept is by natashababenko. It can be used for a cleaning service but currently it’s not a used concept. The illustration of pigeon has been shown in this Logo. I would also like to recommend you to check quick interior design logo guide for beginners.

white gnome

It’s a beautiful Logo of white gnome cleaning services provider company. The illustrative draw of gnome is shown as a main brand symbol with a magic type stick element.

wash window logo

It is designed by revotype and currently not in use. It’s perfect for only window cleaning services. The brush icon is shown cleaning the windows and on that the concept of bubbles and shining is demonstrated.

osmosis car spa logo

It’s an car cleaning Logo designed by rayan. The concept of car with washing bubbles is clearly visible in this Logo. The leaf detail is added below the car symbol in this Logo.

plungreen logo

It’s a Logo of an local eco friendly cleaning company. In this Logo, font is customized and letter l is extended to show the cleaner symbol with leaf. Overall it’s a simple Logo. — Read why Logos should be simple?


It’s an emblem type Logo. It is designed byDzigngoro. It’s an unique design concept eliciting the icons of wash brush and wiper. The initials T and M are matched in a way that they are forming a clean industry item.

on your dock detailing

It’s unsued proposal design concept by gkleon for a ship cleaning company. The half boats with a shining symbol is demonstrated in this Logo.

sweep logo design

The Logo designer behind this concept based Logo is RubenBernabe. The iconic draw of person cleaning is shown in this Logo.


It’s a simple Logo designed by blackm for a cleaning company. In this Logo, the effect is created around the business name and cleaning bubbles are shown over it.

purely domestic

This Logo is of Purely Domestic, local cleaning company. It’s an Eco-friendly themed Logo that is eliciting the cleaning concept through leaf placement.

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natural home cleaning services

It’s an Logo for a home cleaning business that only uses natural ways of cleaning. It’s designed by levelb.The design elements used in this Logo are bucket, leaf and bubbles.

house wash

This Logo is an unused concept by Logtek. It’s perfect for inspiration for home cleaning businesses. The simple illustration of house inside a swirl is shown in this Logo.


This Logo is designed by KCJones for a commercial cleaning business. The concept of squeegee is created in this Logo. The business name is mentioned in bold font to match the main theme.

klean up ur mess logo

This Logo is of london based cleaning service, Klean up ur mess. In this Logo, the design elements are placed with the letters. The design elements includes the squeegee, brush, pump, wipe, leaf and messy custom element.

maximum cleaning service logo

It is an Logo of Maximum cleaning service. The elephant is demonstrating the brush part of cleaning industry.

golden maids logo

This Logo of Golden Maids is designed by Bazilio. The maid cleaning icon is used a main brand symbol is this Logo. The business is placed in a way that it is showing that maid is cleaning the initial.

dirt free laundry

This Logo is by dalia. It’s an great inspiration for dry cleaning and laundry service. The washing swirl is shown in this Logo with half water filled and bubbles are placed over it.

mermlets cleaning service

It’s an hand traced customized Logo that is based on the typeface ‘Automobile’. The end letter s is extended to show the wiper element. It’s a clean Logo with less details.

gt carpet care logo

This Logo is a unused design proposal by VYshouldhavewon for a local home cleaning service. The vacuum cleaner is used as a design element is this Logo with a swoosh.

monkey cleaning logo This Logo of Squeegee the monkey is concept of IGlowCreationz. The special effects in created around the business name in this Logo. The monkey with cleaning person avatar on ladder is used in this Logo as design elements.

monster cleaners

It’s a great mark of inspiration for cleaning services that are after the something different designs. The monster type character is created inside the initial letter M and business name is written in bold font below the element.


This Logo is designed by design savant for a eco-friendly products services provider. The opaque house is shown inside the half shined sparky element.

home broom logo

It is designed by shad. The brush is separated by placing house icon between it in this Logo. This Logo from our Cleaning Services Logos is suitable for inspiation in mortgage and cleaning industry.

cleaning expert logo desing

The upper part of home and handle over it eliciting the cleaning theme. The font used in this Logo is sans-serif font.

clean home logo design

It’s an Logo concept by MRM1. It uses home, water and bubbles as design elements that are depicting the cleaning factor.

cleaner bee logo

This Logo is design concept of BGraphics. It has a bee mascot in a happy mood that is shown as busy cleaning the dust.

cleaer queen

This Logo is a unused Logo by RafaelB. The dust bubble and inside it the cleaner wiper is shown in this Logo. The eyes type drawn to depict the Queen element.

Logo design trends 2016


This Logo is designed by Sssilent. It uses frog inside a soap bar and washing bubbles around it as main design elements.  The business name is written in customized font.

bubble cleaning logo

This Logo of bubble cleanly is an unused unique concept by stong. It has less details and business name is written inside a big bubble.

broomghost logo

It is designed by Shtef Sokolovich. The cleaner brush is used as a main design element. Inside that brush, the ghost face is drawn to match the business name. Bubbles are also placed at both sides to give the cleaning concept.

We hope that you liked these Cleaning Services Logos and found helpful in refreshing your design ideas. Be sure to comment your thoughts below. Thanks.


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