21 Revamped Construction Websites


The active presence on the web is the key to success for businesses, especially in this new age. Making any ignorance here can cause real damage to the businesses. Construction companies have to build and maintain the web presence just like they do it with their projects. I would also recommend you to check quick interior design logo guide for your website.

The most important pillar of overall web presence is the website of the company. In the construction industry, companies mostly acquire clients offline, and that’s the reason most of them don’t care about their sites. BUT as I said earlier, it’s the advanced age.

Some construction websites are breaking the stereotypes and shifting towards building a strong online presence. We thought to share 21 of them here for helping you in designing or getting a professional website for the construction business.

Disclaimer: The websites that we’ve featured below are the property of respected owners and companies. We do not own or endorse them or their services.

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Construction Websites

1 – AL13 Architectural

construction websites

2 – Core Construction

core construction website

3 – Alhabtoor city

alhabtoorcity site

4 – Arco Construction 

arco construction web design

5 – Balfour Beatty

balfour beatty site

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6 – Bechtel

bachtel site
cbi site

7 – CB&I

8 – Clyde Companies

clyde companies site

9 – Contech Engineered Solutions

contech engineered solutions website

10 – Granite

granite construction website

11 – Hitachi Construction Machinery

hitachi construction machinery website

12 – Hix Snedeker Companies

hix snedeker companies

13 – KBR

kbr website

14 – Kiewit

kiewit construction site

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15 – Lendlease

lendlease web inspiration

16 – LGDevelopment 

lgdevelopment website

17 – McCarthy

mccarthy builder website

18 – Nabholz

nabholz construction website

19 – Webcorbuilders

webcorbuilders construction site

20 – Weitz

weitz site

21 – Whayne Cat

whayne cat construction

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If you notice, some things are common in all of these websites. Like each of these websites have a dedicated page for showcasing the projects and case studies. All of these sites have given importance to above the fold content. We are sure that if you examine these websites carefully, you’ll find more common factors. Most importantly, you’ll be able to finalize a site flow. We at Logo Orbit wish you best of luck for your online campaign and if you need any sort of help regarding creative branding, do chat with our support team for free consultation. Thanks.


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