31 Well-directed Construction Logos


Let’s face it. Every business needs a branding to stand out. When I say every business, I mean it. Whether it’s some business in the technology industry or construction, branding plays the most crucial role in defining the present and future of the company. Today we are kick starting our industry inspiration again with 31 well-directed Construction Logos. These Logos are handpicked after going through different designs of already established construction businesses and designers. You can check out these designs with various aspects to figure out, what’s special about them. It’ll be helpful for your next construction Logo design project.

Disclaimer: All of the Logos below are the property of their registered owners. All the respected credits are mentioned in our post. If any of below shared Logo is your copyrighted and you want it to be removed then you can get in touch via form on our contact us page.

31 Well-directed Construction Logos

construction logos


It’s an Logo for a construction company in America. It is designed by Mayank8086. The hook and holder shapes are placed in business name mentioned in customized font.

apexbuilt construction logo

It’s a Logo of Apex Built that specializes in construction and property maintenance. The brand mark created in this Logo resembles the pyramid shape. The top of letters E and T shows the definition of Apex.

artesa constructors logo

This Logo is of Artesa Contructors and it uses the old style of construction Logos to form building shapes.

building explorer logo example

The is a Logo for a BIM application and apostol is the designer behind it. In this Logo, the stacking of bricks is forming simultaneity of B and E.

carnation construction logo design

This is a Logo design for a high-end home remodeling service. The pythagorean theorem is used to construct the abstract flower forming the brand mark.

dekko logo

This Logo of Dekko is an unused concept but a solid one. The home type roof is used in this Logo to demonstrate the business theme. It’s a simple Logo.

ecostructures green house logo

It’s not currently in use and can be used in brainstorming concepts. It’s bespeaks the theme for the businesses in eco friendly construction industry.

ellis costruction

The wrench with tool is used in this Logo of Ellis Construction as a main element. The font used in this Logo is the typographic font.

equity building

It’s a retro Logo concept designed by Schuster. It’s an retro illustration of a handy man ready to build.

frontline construction 3d logo

It’s an 3D designed Logo that is created by using the box elements. These boxes are arranged in a way that they are forming the F and L letters.

global construction perspective

This Logo is designed for a company that provides the detailed analysis of construction and evidence on future of the industry. The concept is based on the graph style of analysis. The bold and strong symbols represent the construction.


Grupo Impulsa is a mexican construction company. It’s Logo is basically a close to 3D type Logo. The elements in this Logo are beautifully intact.

low cost construction logo

The concept is brilliantly produced in the design. The house symbol is shown in negative space while the hand with a coin is representing the economical thing.

new builders canada logo

It’s an unused proposal designed by EBrown. The matching of two different concepts is brilliantly practiced in this Logo. The house symbol with canadian flag symbol are used in this Logo as design elements.


This Logo is of Parapron builders and constructions. It’s an detailed Logo that includes the forming of two parallel and opposite direction houses with the initial.

pengu construction logo

It’s a negative space Logo that includes details in it. The penguin shape and hammer is placed in this Logo that reveals when you see it closely.

pluta construction company logo

It’s an 3D Logo of a construction company that is designed by contrast8. The brand mark in this Logo is simple and based on the initial.

portofino constructora logo

The Logo of Portofino Constructora is a traditional based Logo. It forms the building design with the swooshes.

precision builders

Precision builders Logo is a bit different from others. It is wrapped in a circle with a hand holding hammer. It follows the circle shape Logo design trend.

progressive builders construction co logo

This Logo is of Progressive builders construction co. The old style of blocks placement is used in this Logo.

red samson construction logo

It’s an initial based Logo that uses 3D boxes as elements. Unlike the most used industry based colors, it uses red color interestingly.

rwiv construction inc logo

The RWIV Construction Inc. Logo describes the uncertainty. The square shape elements are used to create steps and a standing building type.

shebzo logo

It’s an amazing construction Logo designed by hyperborea. It includes the four states i.e., Honeycomb, Wrench, Nut screw, korean flag symbol. The honeycomb is a strong hexagonal structure in construction. Wrench and nut screw are the powerful tools used in constructing buildings. The fourth state korean flag symbol is to show that the business belongs to korea. It’s one of top notch construction Logos.

urban acres buildon

This Logo is of Urban Acres buildcon. The initial U is used in this Logo to create the brand symbol. The mutliple Us are forming the last word initial A in the center.

wrench shape monticon logo

This Logo is designed for the Croatian based construction company. It shows the shape of bolt to match the company specialization in steel manufacturing.  construction logo

It’s an actual Logo of a real estate company that also deals in construction services. The archway bespeaks the activity. The initial letter L is formed with a white space. It is designed by OMNI.


It’s combination type Logo that mixes the wordmark, pictorial and initial types. The person shape is created with spade to show the construction element.

brink construction

This Logo is designed by 

Most of the Construction Logos are given the shape of blocks, buildings and similar items to demonstrate the business type. While it’s not necessary, you can still give it a unique shape by playing with initials. Hope that you’ll find these Logos inspiring for your project. PS: If you’re a construction business owner or representative not a designer, then you can avail our custom Logo design services by chatting with our support team right now. Thanks.


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